Wall decoration applying textured accent for the simple way

Applying the textured accent to the wall is great for those who have only such a small home space and fo for those who don’t want to put too many things just to beautify the decoration. Why? With the textured accent, you can beautify your home decoration without adding any ornament there. With the texture, your wall be seen as if it is decorated already because it has a certain aesthetic effect.

The application of the textured accent can’t be for all parts of the wall. It will make the room decoration look too crowded. You can simply apply it to one part of the wall then it can be pretty already. For the wall spot choice, you can consider your needs. For example, if you want to be able to see it since the wall is too pretty not to be seen, then you can install it in a spot that you can stare at. For example, in the living room, you can have it for your wall where the TV is installed. But, if you want to have the textured wall as the background, you can install it on the headboard wall.

There are some texture accent choices that you can take with varied materials based on your budget. You can go down and see the reference for your inspiration.


The wood creates texture with its random arrangement. Nothing is wrong with this because look at how artistic the wall can be with the abstract impression. This kind of wall texture will be great to present a real natural impression into the room. Even the bulge of the wood is different which makes the texture be seen as more natural. Wooden Wall from @natalia_fssg


This textured wall is called the wavy wall. Just like its name, its shape is like a wave that is back and forth. Such a great one for your beach house. Well, yes! You can have it for your townhouse, though. Look at how peaceful the wall can be with the wavy texture. You can have it for your living room or bedroom for a complete serene break. Wavy Wall from @soelbergindustries


The wall panel comes in different types. But here, we have the wood panel. You can have it in the brown wood color which can be easily imagined the impression. Now, look at this black wall panel that offers you a masculine and fierce impression. It will be great for your modern home, but you can also have it for your industrial home or even the Scandinavian. This one looks simple but magic with the impression. Wall Panel from @arkistone212


This one is a bit different from the wood panel before. It comes in a square meter panel with gypsum material. The pattern is unique and reflects the futuristic design. Since the shape and pattern already stand out, this panel uses the white color to calm down the design impression. Such a good trick the designer made! Square Meter Wall Panel from @minahshomes


Basically, there are some ways to use the stone as the wall. You can have it in a sleek finish, rustic finish, using river stone, limestone, and even gravel. This one is the river stone that will be sturdy for sure. You can see the white color that is used there to create a clean impression. This one is only the example, you can surely apply the stone without any touches so that it has a real natural look. Stone Wall from @ashleytstark


You can do anything for the concrete wall. You can ask the workers to create textures there that will be way more flexible and on budget. This one is an example of the easy concrete wall design where it only combines lines to create such an artistic textured wall. Concrete Wall from @indiadesignworld


The brick wall can be such a good addition to any of your home decor styles. You can have it for your rustic home, farmhouse, Boho, or just anything. What you should do is just adjust the portion of the brick applied. Also, you may adjust the finish of the wall based on the home decor style you have. This one has a rough finish that will be great for your rustic or farmhouse decor style. Brick Wall from @newnordicdesign

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