Artistic driftwood furniture for your home effortless beauty

Driftwood is a natural material that could be really artistic. It has a random shape that makes every piece valuable. With its flexibility and in the right hand, the driftwood can be juggled into aesthetic furniture products. Even though it is a driftwood, don’t ever ask about its value. It has even a higher value than the common furniture product if it is handled by the right hand.

The driftwood material can be made into varied furniture and can be surely anything! Let’s say that you can have it for a table, chair, rack, frame, stand, and many more. For the finish impression, you can let it be as natural as possible or you can apply paint color or simply a coating to give a shiny look.


For the chair, you might need an additional material to make it cozy enough to sit. The easiest one is the wood pallet for the sitting spot. Or, if you want to make it all in driftwood material, you can add a pad there so that you can sit comfortably. Here, we do advise you to use the harmonious pad design that could be from the color choice or the material so that it fits well with the driftwood material.


Chair from @chasing_surf

Display Rack

This display rack is really simple where you just have to tie the wood so that it meets the shape that you want. To give an extra natural look, this display rack is added with some greeneries. Then, the magical look is created by installing some lamps. Such a perfect one for your working or study corner.


Display Rack from @zebodeko


In case you find driftwood that has a wide enough surface, then you can use the driftwood for the table without any additional material. But if not, then you don’t need to worry because you can still use an additional material that could be varied. This one uses a weaving sisal. You may also use glass material or wood pallets.


Table from @elka.home

Entryway Hook

The entryway will always need a hook and with a small space condition, this simple yet functional entryway hook is such a perfect match. You can see the natural look of the hook with the colors and flaws around that do not make the hook look dull but aesthetic.


Entryway Hook from @relauren

Cupboard Handle

The cupboard handle only needs some small driftwood. In case it is lined up in two or three, you can choose the matching shape and the same size. Anyway, for the handle, you should choose driftwood material in good condition and sturdy because it will be pulled and pushed many times.


Cupboard Handle from @withbearhandsuk


The lampstand will only need a single driftwood but you should get the right shape. It should be tall but can stand well. You can simply install the lamp on the driftwood. This one looks really aesthetic with the indentation, holes, and shape.


Lampstand from

Jewelry Hook

Just like the entryway hook, the jewelry hook will also be really simple. The difference is in the size where the jewelry hook will only need a small one. To beautify the hook, you use the cute pretty hooks that you can find at the store.


Jewelry Hook from @caitlynwarakomski

Plant Stand

This plant stand combines between the small and the big driftwood size. Then, the bulb is used to put the plant. You can see how unique this plant stand can be with the addition of the rope to hang the plant.


Plant Stand from @itz.reetu


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