Half bath design things to provide for an effective decor

There will be many limitations in doing the decoration for your half bath but it is easy at the same time since the space is small so you can only think of a small space area to deal with. However, there is one most important thing for this which is related to space efficiency. You should consider some things that will be different from the common bathroom to make an effective decoration. Remember that since the space will be small, then the decoration should be as effective as possible.

Anyway, to make it clear, the half bath which is commonly known as the powder room is a tiny space that is made into a bathroom without the ‘bath’ part. It typically only has a toilet and a sink so you don’t need to put anything else there except for something that think you will really need it. This room will be mostly used by your guests so you should make sure to decorate it well. Your guests’ impression of the half bath will influence their impression of the whole decoration.

Now, let’s talk about how to make your half bath decoration to be effective with all that you apply there. In this case, you should consider some decoration tricks that are commonly used for a small space. Here are the ideas for you.

Glass Wall

The glass material is already known for its ability to create a wider room impression. It would be great if you could apply this to your half-bath wall. If you are afraid not to feel comfortable with this, you can install it on one side wall only. No need to install it on all sides of the wall because since the space is quite small, you can handle the condition by simply one wall side.


To add a stylish decor impression, the glass wall here is made into a rectangular glass arrangement just like a brick. With this, the glass wall won’t be seen as too empty and boring. You will also make the decoration prettier even without adding any ornament there. Glass Wall from @inregister

Big Size Mirror

The function of the big-size mirror will be the same as the glass wall but in a different version. For the mirror, it won’t block all the wall sides and there is a frame to beautify the mirror. Here, you can play with the frame adding a stylish impression to minimize the use of the ornament.


This straight vertical mirror comes with a gold frame to make the decoration look luxurious and valuable. You can see how a simple thing can have such a big impact. Also, the size of the mirror is already enough to make a spacious impression for sure. It almost blocked the wall but still left a space to expose the beauty of the wallpaper. Big Size Mirror from @inregister

Floating Sink

The floating sink will leave a space under to be empty. It is beneficial to make a spacious impression since the space on the floor is not used. since the sink is an important item that should be provided in the half bath you should consider it carefully while choosing the one to be installed. There will be many different kinds of floating sinks that could be big or small. We advise you not to put something too much there so that if you think the small one is already enough, then why should provide the big one?


It can be said as the corner floating sink. You can see how the space under the sink looks empty which gives a clean and spacious effect into the half bath. This kind of sink is really effective and utilizes the spot really well by using the empty corner space. Floating Sink from @the_rising_home

Bright Lighting

For a small space, the lighting is an important thing. You can’t make it gloomy because the impression will be stuffy and tight. So, for your half bath, you should make sure that you provide enough bright lighting to make it feel more spacious and comfortable. Anyway, there are two ways that you can do to bring the bright light into the half bath which are by installing the lamp and by letting the natural light enter the room.

1. Lamp

For the lamp, we recommend you install the bright ones rather than the dim ones. Or, if you want to install the lamp in a dim or yellow light color, then you can do the layering lighting so that the need for the half bath lighting can be fulfilled.


This half bath uses the layering technique for the limp installation. There are a sconce over the toilet, an illuminating lamp for the sink and vanity, a ceiling light bulb, and LED lamps installed from the ceiling to the wall. The layering is really massive and able to create beauty in the decoration. Also, the important thing is that this half bath gets its need for the lighting. Lamp from @melinakubrusly

2. Natural Light

For the energy efficiency, it will be great to have the natural light inside the half bath. Also, it will let you get a spacious room impression since the window will let you see the outdoors so that the space will be seen as if the wall is not the limit of the wall. Here, we recommend you to have a big window.


With the bright white color scheme and a quite big window, this half bath looks proper and wider. It is great how the decoration combines two tricks to create a perfect half bath decor. Additionally, not to make the decoration look boring, there is a pattern applied on the wall that beautifully creates beauty without losing the simplicity impression this half bath wants to build. Natural Light from @presuttidesign

Color Scheme Choice

It is known that the color scheme choice plays an important role in the decoration. It will amazingly bring the impression you want. Whether it is brighter, wider, or comfortable, everything can be handled by color.

1. Dark Color

It might be something new for you where the dark color is used for the small half bath with the condition that this room needs to be made to have a wider impression. The thing that you should know is that dark colors like black or dark grey can create a space without limit in case you apply them around the room without any space. This is the factor that makes the dark color can create a wider impression.


This half bath uses a dark grey color for the whole wall creating a wider impression. You can even hang a painting there without making the room look narrow. The white color applied to the ceiling and floor is used to create a brighter room impression the neutralize the dark grey color so that the room isn’t seen as gloomy. Dark Color from @interiorsbyad

2. Bright Color

It can’t be doubted that the bright color is the way to create a wider room impression. Also, it will let you get a brighter impression so that if you use it as the color scheme, you don’t need to install layering lighting to save energy.


If you are already familiar with white color as the bright one, then you should see this blue color that can also create a bright impression in the room. There are two different blue tone color applied here which is the bright one and the darker one. The combination is pretty and harmonious. The additional pattern added there in blue color makes the decoration look prettier. Bright Color from @jenniferbeekhunter


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