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Outdoor living spaces are becoming increasingly popular. They’re the perfect way to increase your living space and allow you to make the most of the area surrounding your home. They also give you even more ways to enjoy fresh air and the beauty of the outdoors. These days, virtually endless options are available for transforming outdoor living spaces. Still, many people feel there’s a bit of a disconnect between the interior of their homes and their exterior living areas.

Melding Your Interior Space with Your Outdoor Living Area

Creating a seamless transition between the two spaces ensures your home and outdoor living area to blend beautifully with one another. It can eliminate the common feeling of discord and bring harmony to your property. Consider the following ways to bring together these two essential portions of your living space.

1) Create a Connection with a Roof

One of the best ways to join your home’s exterior with its interior is by installing a roof over your outdoor living space. It doesn’t need to be the same type of roof that covers your home; in fact, it needs to be a little different. Your outdoor space’s cover should allow you to enjoy sunlight and fresh air. You could install a retractable awning or even choose the best 12×12 pergola roof to suit your needs. That cover will blur the lines a bit between your interior and exterior spaces.

2) Install a Glass Door

Another way to create a more coherent design is to install a sliding glass door where your indoor and outdoor spaces come together. That’ll allow for easy access between the two and add visual appeal. It’ll also make your indoor space feel more open. You’ll be able to see your indoor space while you’re outside and vice versa. It’ll bring natural light into your indoor space, too.

3) Blend Your Flooring

You can also use flooring to bridge the gap between your indoor and outdoor spaces. Some types of flooring, like tiles,natural stone, and composites, can be used inside and outside. Alternatively, you could choose different flooring materials for each area that have similar textures, colors, or patterns. Either way, they’ll create a smoother connection.

4) Use Consistent Color Schemes

Along those same lines, maintaining a consistent color scheme between the two spaces can give you more coherence. Use colors and patterns that work well with each other. Natural hues are common choices in this arena. They look beautiful indoors, and they dovetail with the colors you’d find in nature. They can also help to create a sense of calm and relaxation.

5) Coordinate Furniture and Decorative Elements

Coordinating your indoor and outdoor decor will foster a smooth transition as well. Wood, composite, rattan, and plastic furniture work well outdoors, and many styles can easily be incorporated into both your outdoor living area and the indoor space that’s immediately adjacent to it. Vinyl, acrylic, and polypropylene fabrics are great for outdoor furniture because they resist stains and fading and are easy to clean. Countless colors, patterns, and styles are available, so you can certainly find options that blend seamlessly with your interior decor and color scheme.  

6) Incorporate Greenery

Incorporating greenery into your indoor and outdoor spaces is another great way to foster a more connected look and feel. Plant trees or shrubs in your outdoor space, and use potted plants to create coherence indoors. You could even use potted plants in both areas. Positioning vertical gardens in both areas and placing plants in windows or near sliding glass doors aids in tying together the two spaces, too.  

Effectively Joining Your Indoor and Outdoor Living Spaces

Though outdoor living areas can extend your functional space, the common disconnect between the outdoors and the interior of a home can detract from both areas. When designing your outdoor space, keep continuity in mind. Use greenery, consistent colors and decorative themes, and glass doors to help create a more seamless connection. Cover your outdoor living area to further blur the lines. These measures will help you create a more unified space that gives you the best of both worlds.

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