Bulb recycle the effort to reduce waste

There are many ways to reduce the waste the most popular one is doing the recycling project. The bulb is one of the stuff that can be used to be the recycled material. It would be great how the non-working bulbs could have new functions because when the bulb is not working anymore we are often confused about the way to throw it. We all know that the bulb is in glass material and it will be risky to throw it away without any protection. Here, making use of the bulbs will be so much better because there are surely varied things that can be made from the old bulbs.

In recycling the bulbs, there are some things that you should prepare as follows:

  1. The condition of the bulbs. You should do the checking and eliminate the bulbs that can’t be used anymore. You can check on the cracking and the cleanliness of the bulb.
  2. Considering the designs. For this, you should be able to find the right bulb size and shape because those two will be varied.
  3. Additional materials. To get the new products, you will need some additional materials. Here, not to provide some new waste, you should make sure that the additional materials are in the right amount and portion. Make a plan for this before you start the project!

Now that you already know about things that you should consider before you start the project, we can’t wait to show you the varied bulb recycling projects that will be beneficial for your life and home decor needs.


The design is really simple where you just need to paint the bulb in gold color and then use it to be the vase and candle holder. The color choice here makes the bulb looks luxurious with the pink roses that represent the beauty. Vase from @kuttlefish


Can’t wait to decorate the Christmas tree with the bulb. Look at how the bulb can be seen as dramatic for the Christmas tree. The additional of the snowy decoration and Santa painting on the bulb successfully bring the Christmas impression into the bulb. Tree Decoration from @theshabbytree


Without any difficult treatment, this bulb is able to bring beauty. Look at the clear bulb that can illuminate the lighting really well. It is even more functional when the bulb is also functioned as the planter at once. Decorative Lighting from @ankita.s.rai

Screen shot 2023-09-22 at 09.52.00

Do you ever think about terrariums? You can use the bulb for the terrarium which will really save the cost. However, you should choose the big bulb to make it proper enough to function as a terrarium.Terrarium from @alliaalrufai


Look at how pretty this hanging planter is. The concern here is not only on the bulb but also on the hanger of the bulb which is pretty and unique. It can be a great one to beautify your home decor. Here, you will need jute, paint color, wood, rope, artificial flowers, and foliage as the additional material. Hanging Planter from @poonam_diy_with_creativity


This bulb recycling project can be done when summer comes. The sun catcher can be a fit one for outdoor decoration. What you should do is prepare the rope, and knick-knack to be filled on the bulb then add it with water so that the bulb can catch the sunlight. Sun Catcher from @jhennyinthebottle_08_92


The bulb vase not only can be placed on the table but also to be hung. Basically, it will be easier because you don’t need to make a holder so that the bulb can stand. Here, you just have to hang it anywhere you want. Hanging Vase from @threads_werindia


The bulb can also be used for the trellis vase. You can have it for the balcony trellis or for your outdoor garden trellis. This one is a simple example, you can add more decoration if you want such as painting it or wrapping it. Trellis Planter from @sourabh.paturkar


With different bulb sizes, this wall hanging decoration looks aesthetic. There are different bulb paintings but with the same theme. The different paintings can make the decoration doesn’t look boring. You can surely have your own theme. Wall Hanging Ornament from @aesthetic_decor01


This one is another way to make the bulbs as an ornament product. But here, we have bulb garland. This garland has the bulbs in different colors for the variation then added with pearls for a luxurious impression and some other hanging accessories for the additional beauty. Garland from @artstic_heart

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