Owning a home in Marion, Indiana is a great privilege. Houses are on the more affordable side when compared to the rest of the country, and the cost of living is similarly affordable. The schools are fantastic and you get to experience all four seasons. 

Your home is a great investment that you are building equity in with each mortgage payment. For some, the best part about owning a home is that you get to do what you want with it. Decorations, repairs, upgrades, and layout are all up to you.

Maybe you are thinking about your home and wishing that it looked a little nicer. Fortunately, there are some projects both big and small that you can tackle to increase the aesthetic appeal of the home, either for yourself or future buyers. 

Power Washing

Sometimes a home can look much nicer simply because it has been cleaned. Over time, stains, dirt, and grime can accumulate on your siding, the deck, walkways, and other surfaces around the home, making it look less than perfect. Fortunately, you can rent a power washer to handle the tough cleaning jobs around the outside of your home. Many homeowners use power washers to freshen up the front porch area. It is also useful for eliminating grass stains on your siding that can happen when you mow or weed-whack near the house. You may be surprised at the difference that is made by a cleaner exterior. 

Add Houseplants Inside

If you ever feel like the inside of your house is a little bland or lacking life, then there is a very simple solution; houseplants. Houseplants can bring a lot of life to the space while also improving air quality as oxygen creators. There are many types of houseplants that you can place throughout the interior, from small herbs for cooking to small trees in the family room. Little succulents also make great decorations for window sills or end tables. Many creative houseplant decor ideas are out there, such as hanging shelf plants, cascading plants, or mirror accents. 

Replace Entryway Door

The entryway to your home is the threshold through which everyone passes before they see the interiors. That means it is part of the first impression that the home gives off. If you have an old door that is outdated, faded, or falling apart, then this can be a detriment to the overall curb appeal. Your Marion, IN home will look much nicer once you replace the home entry doors with newer, more stylish models. Many glass versions can be aesthetically gorgeous and they use energy-efficient glass so that you are not sacrificing function for fashion. Not only will your home look better from the inside and outside with a new door, but you will also see lower utility bills in all likelihood. 

Re-Paint Trim/Edges

Lines play an important role in interior design. Though they are small, they have a huge impact on the framing of a room and its overall atmosphere. Maybe you are on a budget and do not have much money to spend, but you are dissatisfied with the color diversity of your rooms. Painting the trim, crown moulding, or baseboards can completely change how the home looks. A natural wood finish could be painted over with white, creating a cleaner look that better complements the other colors in the room. It can also make the room appear brighter. 

Hanging Shelves with Hidden Brackets

Clutter can be one of the biggest causes of stress for a homeowner. If you feel like your space has too much going on, it will look bad in your eyes. Clearing up this clutter can open up the room and grant you more creative freedom with the design elements. One way to clear up clutter is by adding floating shelves. If combined with hidden brackets, these floating shelves can make the room and the wall look far cleaner. Plus, they can be used to add some dynamic features to a blank wall without relying on paintings or mirrors. These types of shelves are easy to install and can clear up some of the clutter on the floors or tables in the house. 

Small Changes Can Have a Big Impact

What you will notice about most of these ideas is that they are not massive changes. The most significant upgrade would be a new entryway door, but even that is not going to be the same cost as most improvement projects. All these ideas are possible even if you are on a budget or have limited time. However, they will still make a big difference in how nice your Marion, IN home looks. Consider making these changes so that you feel greater satisfaction with the aesthetic features of your property. 

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