Wall hook ideas the functional and decorative ones

It is not furniture or home accessories, the hook is just something to complete the facility of your home. However, even when is not the one that people commonly consider, the existence of the hook can be really important. Even when you don’t have it, you’ll get in trouble. The hook can be used to hang your keys so that you don’t have to look for the key every time you want to use it. Or, you can have the hook to hang an umbrella, coat, or hat when it is installed in the entryway. The installation of the hook can also be in any room such as the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, and other rooms you have or any spots you need. Well, in case you are bored with the common hook designs, here are some decorative hook designs you can have. No need to worry because the designs that we have can still function well as they are not only concerned with beauty.

Rattan Hook

If you have a farmhouse home decor, this rattan hook can be such a good match. Anyway, since rattan is a dynamic material when the rattan is applied without another inner wood material, we recommend you not to use it to hang heavy things because it may warp.


Rattan Hook from @mi_casa_bella_

Animal Toys Hook

This kind of hook is perfect for your kids’ room or the nursery room. With the cute design which is related to the kids’ characteristics, it can even motivate the kids to hang their own stuff before you ask them to do that. You can even make it yourself as it only needs a wood pallet and some animal figures.


Animal Toys Hook from @littleraeprints

Paper Clip Hook

This paper clip hook can give a creative impression while the use of the material really depicts the impression. For you who have a modern or Scandinavian decoration, this one can be the right choice. Combining the paper clip with the white wood material gives this hook a welcoming impression.


Paper Clip Hook from @farmtotablecreations

Leather Purse Hook

Expensive is the impression of this hook. With the leather purse material, it won’t only be unique but also luxurious. Basically, when being seen in the design and material used, this hook is simple. But, look at how big the impact on the design impression as it has a really high value. You can install it in the entryway to impress your guests even from their first step in the house.


Leather Purse Hook from @jettsetfarmhouse

Scandinavian Hook

Even when this hook only uses wood material on its natural wood finish without any additional color or polish, this hook looks interesting with the existence of the black iron material. The materials combination gives this hook a Scandinavian look to give a decorative need for your house.


Scandinavian Hook from @thewillowwindow

Rustic Wood Pallet Hook

Having a rustic home? This hook will fulfill your decoration needs. Look at the wood pallet that is used which is unfinished. The wood also has a natural texture that strengthens its rustic impression and is even really artistic. So, although it doesn’t have much effort, this hook can be such a good addition to beautify your decoration. Also, look at the small pigs there that make these hooks look really cute.


Rustic Wood Pallet Hook from @milasbitchinkitchen

Faucet Hook

Do you want to have a hook that can complete your industrial home decoration? This faucet hook is such a brilliant idea. It will be unique and rare so that it can be really eye-catching. Anyway, if you have a rustic home design, this faucet hook can also match the design. You may use the old-style faucet or the new one just based on the impression you want to have for the hook.


Faucet Hook from @milasbitchinkitchen

Coastal Theme Hook

You can simply collect some twigs and buy jute rope to make this coastal hook. The design is really simple so that you can deal with this yourself. You can use it as an ornament but can also use it as its true function. Anyway, make sure not to hang heavy items because this hook won’t be strong enough. You can utilize it to hang the keys.


Coastal Theme Hook from @delortclaveyroles

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