Things you should consider to create an eco friendly living home decor

Implementing eco-friendly living in the home decoration is a crucial thing to do because these days, the environmental condition is already worrying. It is caused by the use of natural elements on a large scale without any control which damages the earth and influences climate change. So, just wait don’t too long, and take your first step to save the earth by implementing the eco-living home for your residence.

For your additional information, eco-friendly living itself is a principle where applying as little as possible things that can damage the environment. It can be done by minimizing the use of the material, using the lifespan material, or reusing the things that can still utilized so that you can minimize the act of taking the material from the environment or nature. Also, you should minimize the use of materials that can damage the earth such as concrete and volatile organic compounds.

Anyway, there are some things that you should consider in creating an eco-friendly living home decor as follows:

1. The Use of Sustainable Materials

What is meant by sustainable is the use of materials that won’t damage nature or we commonly say it is ‘environmentally friendly’. The sustainable product should be made with renewable materials so that their existence in nature won’t run out. Also, the production process should not harm nature with the waste.


This kitchen prefers to use sustainable wood material rather than metal. However, this drawer still looks sturdy and has a strong characteristic with color choice. It looks great when paired with the limestone worktop. Sustainable Drawer from @h_cottage

2. The Use of Non-Toxic Materials

There are some materials that can damage nature with their toxic material characteristics such as the volatile organic compound. This material creates a serious impact on the air quality that will harm humans and the environment. Commonly, volatile organic compounds can be found on rugs and paints. So, when choosing the products to be inserted into your house, make sure that the product is a non-toxic material.


The material used for the rug is sisal which will be non-toxic and safe for both the kids and your animal. It also won’t harm the environment and damage your health. Sisal Rug from @crucialtrading

3. Lifespan Items to Reduce Waste

What is meant by lifespan items are those that can be used for such a long time. It means that when you want to purchase something, you have to consider its quality and durability so that you don’t have to buy a similar item with the same function again and again.


The table is made of solid wood material that can’t be doubted for its sturdiness. It can be said that this kind of furniture is the long lifespan furniture that will reduce the use of the natural resource. Solid Wood Table from @countrylivingfurnishings

4. Materials that Reduce Environmental Impact

There are so many materials that can reduce the environmental impact which is safe. For example, you can use cotton material, rattan, jute, wool, glass, bamboo, wood, etc. However, you should also consider its continuity. Don’t purchase the items that are safe but don’t have the continuity. for example, with all of the possible materials, we do really advise you to use bamboo because it can grow fast so you don’t need to worry about its existence that will run out.


This house has a good concept where bamboo is the main material being used. From the furniture to the ceiling and other interior parts, it is great how the house carries the eco-friendly living principle. Bamboo House from @marifarii

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