Possible things to do for a recycled home decor

Having some recycled items to complete your home decoration will be great. No need to worry that it will be seen as not valuable or you will lose your home’s expensive impression because recycled items can even have unique and artistic impressions. Before we move to another discussion, let’s talk about the meaning of the recycle itself. Recycle is about juggling an old item to be a new product that will have different functions and values. This movement is really functional not only for you but also for the environment since the recycling project will reduce waste and minimize the use of materials that will harm the environment. By implementing some recycled products in the house, you can have eco-friendly home decor which is great.

There are some possible materials that can be used for the recycling project. Mostly, it comes from items that you use daily, and rather than waste them, it is better for you to recycle them so that you can reduce the waste, save money, and help this earth to live. Examples of the materials that you can use are plastic, paper, glass, cans, clothes, wood, and metals. Then, the examples of the use of those materials for home decoration can be seen below.

Vintage Decoration

Almost all of the items in this decoration are recycled products. The making will also be easy as you don’t need too much effort for this. Let’s start with the accessories where there are some cushions. It is quite easy to make your own cushions. In case you already have it, you just need to make the new cover by using your old clothes or sweaters. There is also a frame where the material to be used is really flexible. You can have it from wood material, paper material, plastic, or just anything available in the house. Even the furniture like the bench and rack is made of old materials. There are still other items there that you can copy for the ideas. Of course, you can modify the ideas based on your creativity.


Vintage Decoration from @theresa_gromski

Fabric Candle Holder

Look at how the simple thing can have a big impact. This candle holder only needs an old glass or jar then wrapped by using an old cloth or sweater. To beautify it there are bells that are tied around the glass. Such a pretty and magical one!


Fabric Candle Holder from @giggleliving

Wall Art

If you have an old fabric that has an embroidery design, you can cut the embroidery part and then use it for something prettier just like what we have here. This wall art looks vintage, pretty, and valuable. You can display the embroidery on the frame which is made of old wood. For a more vintage look, you can let the frame be this way without any additional touches. But, if you want a more sleek and cleaner look, you can repaint the wood.

Screen shot 2023-10-17 at 11.13.48

Wall Art from @sadieseasongoods

Sweater Cushion

Have an old sweater that is already broken or does not fit anymore? Use it to make some new cushions. This will be great for winter cushions since you use the sweater as the material that will give you an extra warmth feeling during winter. To make it prettier, you can add pom poms or other accessories that you have.

Screen shot 2023-10-17 at 11.18.52

Sweater Cushion from @sadieseasongoods

Seeding Container

If you still keep your old floppy disk holder, just let it out from the warehouse because it can be surely more functional. This one is an example. You can use it as a seeding container. The shape and the design with a clear plastic flap is such a perfect one for the seed so that it can still get enough sunlight without worrying about being damaged by the animals or wind since it can be closed. For a prettier look, you can decorate the holder by painting it or wrapping it just based on your creativity.


Seeding Container from @sadieseasongoods

Container Cans

I do believe that you must have a lot of cans in the house. Don’t be in a hurry to throw them away. You can utilize it for many functions such as a container. You can use stickers, paint color, paper, tape, ribbon, etc. In case you think that the container need a lid, then you can make it yourself at once by using wood material.


Container Cans from @felicitasgualeguay

Watering Can Planter

This old watering can is such an aesthetic one to be used as a planter. You don’t need anything to add and this one can beautify your garden or indoor garden area. Of course, you can still add some paint to the watering can in case you need it. However, we do recommend you to keep it vintage for a more aesthetic look.


Watering Tool Planter from @felicitasgualeguay

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