Tapestry is an interesting product that comes in the form of a textile product with colors, images, or patterns. The textile product mostly is used for decorative needs although it functions as an additional facility sometimes. There are some different kinds of tapestry such as

  1. thick and handwoven
  2. thin and handwoven
  3. screen printed

Basically, the tapestry can be applied to any room in the house. But, since it will add a personal touch to characterize yourself, then what if we focus on the application in the bedroom? The bedroom is a private room and becomes your own territorial so that you can do anything and implement anything you want including the tapestry.

Now, let’s talk about the application of the tapestry in your bedroom. We will differentiate it from the decorative ones and the functioned ones.

Decorative Tapestry

The decorative tapestry is commonly applied to the wall, the ceiling, or even the window as the curtain layer. It can be such an effective one to beautify the bedroom decoration since it is washable and can be changed anytime you want. No need to worry if you want to have a renovation or redecoration for your bedroom because when you remove the tapestry, the wall or other hanging spots won’t be damaged. The tapestry won’t leave any mark or dirt.


This one is a kind of Bohemian-style tapestry. You can use it if you have a Boho bedroom decor or maximalist decor. It is rich in colors and artistic patterns to make the tapestry able to be a center of interest in the room. Boho Wall Decor from @miradorlife


The Moroccan style also offers a pretty design that is rich in colors and patterns. You can see how the tapestry can steal your attention around the room. There are also tassels on the edge of the tapestry that make it look even prettier. Moroccan Wall Decor from @thezielkehome


This is one of the kinds of woven tapestry that will be more valuable since the production process needs more effort. Look at the design and color choice which is simple but artistic. The tassels added there make the tapestry look prettier and unique. Woven Wall Decor from @farronfeiner


From this tapestry application, you will see how a simple thing can create a gorgeous effect. The tapestry is in orange color with a simple pattern but has a lighted fabric finishing which is able to bring a dimension. The way this tapestry is made is adorable where everything is counted to be proper without being overserving. Simple Wall Decor from @tmagazine

Functional Tapestry

The functional tapestry is more focused on the function of the tapestry that is used as an additional facility to the bedroom. Let’s say that you can have it as a throw, headboard, layering blanket, etc.


The tapestry is applied from the top to down until it touches the bed. That is why we can classify this as the headboard rather than wall decoration. The tapestry is in Boho pattern design but in a dark color to match the decoration around the bedroom. Headboard from @peakvibrations


Look at how pretty this tapestry headboard is! The woven design is simple where the detail is only applied on the top of the tapestry then the rest is only a long yarn that is left to flow down. The white color of the tapestry gives a simpler effect that can neutralize all the decor crowd around to create a balance. Woven Headboard from @whiskeycreekcabin


With the white bedding set color, the blue tapestry added as the throw blanket makes the bed enlivened. The tapestry doesn’t have too many patterns where it is just in the form of white lines and dots but able to bring beauty into the tapestry. Throw Blanket from @stargazer_joshuatree


This Boho blanket will hide whatever bedding set you have. It brings beauty instantly to your bed and even all around the bedroom. It is great how the bed can affect the room by creating a unique ambiance. Blanket from @tmagazine

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