Ideas in adding cottagecore design touches to your modern home

These days, people love simplicity including for their occupancies. That is why, modern decor style is the one that people choose for their homes. It offers simplicity, minimalism, and efficiency. However, a modern home is too rigid sometimes making it lose its warm atmosphere for a calming feeling. Here, you can add some touches to the modern decoration to make it more proper to give you comfort. From all of the design touch choices, the cottagecore design is the one that can fit well with the needs. No need to worry about losing the modern design impression because you can manage the implementation so that ‘modern’ is still the main theme for the house.

Why cottagecore?

Cottagecore design offers a warm, cozy, and welcoming atmosphere in the house. It comes from the items that are provided in natural element materials, vintage style products, handcrafted items, and everything that will make you think of your grandma. The cottagecore design will let you feel the experience of living in a rural area and environment. This design will be great to be added to your modern home design so that it can be more habitable.

Now, the question is, how can we bring the cottagecore design touches to the modern home design? Here we have some examples of the cottagecore touches application without making you lose your modern home design impression.


This modern decoration uses black color as the statement. Then, you can see the sofa that is placed in the center of the space that has a futuristic design. The wall and floor look empty for the simplicity impression. The cottagecore design comes in wooden chairs and a stool and all of them have the old-style design to characterize the cottagecore design impression. Foyer Decor from @ashleytstark


This decoration uses neutral colors as one of the modern decor characters. There are also lines and simplicity that are applied there to strengthen the modern impression. Anyway, the color scheme choice is great because it fits both modern and cottagecore design characters. The white, beige, and brown nature colors are perfect to create a modern cottagecore design. Integrated Room from @ashleytstark


With the all-white decoration concept, this kitchen looks simple and modern. The modern refrigerator and the marble countertop are reflecting modern designs. Anyway, look at some rattan baskets and the wooden stairs there that give the rural design look. Although the decoration around is boring, the cottagecore touches applied make this kitchen warm and welcoming. Kitchen Decor from @flipping_vintage76


Look at how warm and welcoming this decoration looks like. There is a white color scheme that is applied with a combination of wood color for some items. The furniture is also made of wood material with a natural wood finish in a certain part. Such an amazing and cozy place. Kitchen with Dining Table from @deborah_sweethome


Modern and masculine are the impressions that you’ll have in this decoration. There are black, grey, and a little bit of white color. However, you should see how the decoration is still warm with the wooden round coffee table there. Even though only one piece with its natural wood finish, the coffee table is able to create warmth and minimize the rigid impression in the room. Living Room from @modern_lovella


The black wall indicates its modern decor impression. The floor is also in dark color to match the wall color. Although it is seen as dark, this bedroom is still warm and has a cozy ambiance with some wood items provided there. The cottagecore touches are there to save the room. Bedroom from @home_by_two


The lines and LED lighting installed in this bathroom become the modern character. Then, where are the cottagecore touches? You can see on the floor and vanity that both are in wood material. The wood pallet for the shower room is also really rustic to bring you in rural living style. Bathroom Decor from @comparethetradie

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