Turquoise color the implementation to your bathroom decor

Choosing the color scheme for your bathroom decoration is quite confusing because there are some considerations that you should take. Your bathroom might not be as spacious as the other rooms. Also, the lighting, humidity, and items to be provided should be considered for the harmonious aspect when choosing the color scheme. Some people choose to apply soft neutral colors such as white or ivory. But, what if you apply the turquoise color?

The turquoise color is a combo of green and blue which is great where the blue color will give a cheerful effect and green will be a relieving color. The color can encourage a feeling of peace, calm, and reflection. Even more, the turquoise color will make you feel like in the ocean. It will be surely perfect for your bathroom so that you can get the best experience there.

Anyway, although turquoise color has such characteristics, it can’t be doubted that this one is a statement color that will provide a pop of color with its eye-catching look. In this case, you should be able to make a balance while applying the turquoise color by combining it with the right other colors and patterns so that the turquoise color won’t be distracting.

Here are some examples of the turquoise color application to the bathroom decoration that you can adapt.

Shower Room

The turquoise color that is only applied in the shower room will give you a chance to have a showering experience as if you are around the ocean. Then color will be really refreshing and fun. The floor in white and gray patterned design adds a statement to the shower room also making it integrated with the whole bathroom room. Out of that, the other interior parts in the bathroom use white color to balance the turquoise shower room color scheme.


Shower Room from @cambriasurfaces

Bathroom Wall

Applying the turquoise color to the wall will make you feel like surrounded by a refreshing and calming atmosphere. You can see that there is no pattern on the wall not to make the decoration seen as overserving since the turquoise color is applied in a big portion there. The rest, white color is applied on the floor and some parts in the bathroom to calm down the stand-out impression of the turquoise color.


Bathroom Wall from @hgtvdreamhomes

Powder Room

This powder room is only in a small space with a turquoise color that is applied in many parts of the room. Will it have an overserving look? No, if you can do the right treatment to the decoration. This powder room added an orange flamingo pattern that makes the turquoise color look fun and not irritating. You should also see the wooden vanity with white sink and floor which are an effort to balance the turquoise color that is applied in the whole wall part and even the door and window.


Powder Room from @catherinerowedesigns


It will be really fun to have a turquoise bathtub because you will feel like you are riding a ship in the ocean. It also becomes a statement around the simple white bathroom color scheme. There are two built-in storage in turquoise color added there to make a balance. Such a great idea!


Bathtub from @victoriaplumuk

Vanity Wall

The turquoise color is only applied on the vanity wall which is only a small portion. That is the reason why the wall can be made into a herringbone tile arrangement to create a pattern. Since the turquoise color is only in a small pattern, the pattern won’t be irritating and even become the part that will beautify the decoration even without any additional ornament.


Vanity Wall from @dotconcept.in

Bathroom Vanity

Here, the vanity becomes the center of interest in the decoration with its pretty turquoise color. There is no pattern or other additional color combination since the wall and the floor are already in a patterned design. In this case, the turquoise color adds the beauty of the bathroom in a simple way and even works well to balance the decoration by calming down all of the patterns there.


Bathroom Vanity from @sazerac_stitches

Bathroom Floor

You can see that there is a pattern created from the tile shape design. With its turquoise color, you need to calm down the atmosphere inside the bathroom decoration so that the wall is painted in an all-white color. The wall is also left empty without any other colors or patterns so that the bathroom won’t be seen as crowded. This one is an example of the way to balance the decoration when using the patterned turquoise color.


Bathroom Floor from @pophamdesign

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