Effortless ways to add a touch of christmas spirit to your living room

A touch of Christmas spirit is all about a subtle or gentle infusion of joy and warmth with the holiday season. This spirit can be presented through decorations for any living space, including the living room by incorporating festive elements and decorations that evoke the joy and warmth associated with the holiday season. This spirit can bring a sense of magic and wonder to any home setting, creating an atmosphere that evokes feelings of love, togetherness, and cheerfulness.

In order to bring a touch of Christmas spirit into your living room it doesn’t mean you have to make more effort. Even with effortless ways, you can make your living space as festive as possible with some Christmas spirit touches. This can include adorning the space with twinkling lights, fragrant evergreen wreaths, and cozy accents like plush blankets and pillows in festive colors. These additions create an inviting atmosphere that embraces the holiday cheer and brings a sense of joy and celebration into the home. Here are some effortless ways to add Christmas spirit to your living room.

Decorating the Christmas tree

  • Choosing a theme and color scheme

Christmas decor is never complete without a Christmas tree. Make sure that you have decorated your Christmas tree to be placed in your living room. This is a fun and creative way to bring holiday cheer to your home. But first, you have to choose the right theme and color scheme for your Christmas tree decor. Whether you choose a traditional red and green theme or opt for a more modern and unique color scheme, you can adjust it according to your tastes and styles.


This classic Christmas tree is a timeless choice for adding festive charm to any living room during the holiday season. Its lush green branches and twinkling lights create a warm and inviting atmosphere that instantly brings the spirit of Christmas into your home. Classic Christmas tree from @homebyjulianne

  • Selecting ornaments and lights

Once you have decided on a theme of the Christmas tree, gather ornaments, lights, and garlands that match your chosen colors to create a cohesive and festive display. Don’t forget to top it off with a beautiful tree topper that complements your theme, such as a star or an angel. Carefully selected ornaments and lights will instantly transform your living room into a festive wonderland.


Don’t forget to decorate the Christmas tree with some ornaments. For example, these silver ornaments and an angel on a tree topper create a stunning and elegant holiday display. The silver ornaments reflect the twinkling lights, adding a touch of glamour to the tree. The angel tree topper adds a celestial charm, completing the festive look with its graceful presence. Christmas tree ornaments and tree topper from @homebylyndsey

Incorporating festive colors and patterns

  • Adding Christmas-themed throw pillows and blankets

Adding Christmas-themed throw pillows and blankets can be an effortless way to add a touch of Christmas spirit to your living room. It can create a cozy and festive atmosphere during the holiday season. These decorative items can feature classic Christmas motifs or use festive colors that can instantly transform your living room into a winter wonderland.


These beautifully designed pillows feature charming holiday motifs, such as joyful messages like “joy” and “noel,” as well as delicate snowflakes. They are perfect for adding a cozy and cheerful atmosphere to your Christmas living room decor. Christmas-themed throw pillows from @courtneyfitzp01

  • Displaying Christmas-themed artwork or wall hangings

Liven up your living room by displaying Christmas-themed artwork or wall hangings. You can choose from a variety of options, such as framed prints, canvas paintings, or even DIY crafts that showcase festive scenes or iconic Christmas symbols. These decorations will enhance the overall aesthetic of your living room with a touch of Christmas spirit.


This framed print features a beautiful depiction of reindeer pulling Santa’s sleigh, adding a touch of whimsy and holiday cheer to any space. Its effortless design makes it the perfect addition to your living room, creating a festive atmosphere that is sure to delight both children and adults alike. Reindeer and Santa Claus framed print from @sierralmiller

Lighting up the room

  • Hanging Christmas lights

Light up the living room by hanging Christmas lights. This is an effortless way to add a touch of Christmas spirit to your living space. You can hang the lights around windows, door frames, or mantels. The warm glow of the lights will create a cozy and festive atmosphere, perfect for gathering with family and friends during the holiday season.


Using string lights and paper star lanterns that are installed in the window area of the living room creates a warm and cozy ambiance on Christmas evenings. The soft glow from the string lights illuminates the room, while the paper star lantern adds a touch of elegance and whimsy to the decor. String lights and paper star lantern from @cos_w_jej_desen

  • Placing candles or scented candles

Placing candles or scented candles in the living room is an effortless way to add a touch of Christmas spirit to your home. The warm glow of the candles creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere, while the subtle scent of holiday fragrances like cinnamon or pine can evoke nostalgic memories of past celebrations.


These candles and scented candles can create a warm and cozy ambiance during the holiday season. The flickering light from the candles adds a touch of elegance and creates a festive atmosphere for family gatherings and celebrations. Candles and scented candles from @fruriisandersen

Adding seasonal decorations

  • Placing a wreath

Don’t forget to add seasonal decorations, such as a wreath. The wreath can serve as a beautiful focal point, bringing warmth and festive vibes to the entire space. Additionally, you can customize the wreath with ornaments or ribbons to match your personal style and complement the existing color scheme in your living room.


Adding greenery wreaths that are installed on the window for Christmas living room decor ideas can instantly bring a festive and natural touch to your space. These wreaths can be adorned with colorful ribbons or ornaments to further enhance the holiday spirit in your living room. Wreath decoration from @jennasuedesign

  • Add a sign

Whether it’s a festive banner or a wooden sign with holiday greetings, incorporating a Christmas sign can instantly transform your living room into a cozy and joyful space during the holiday season. It’s a simple yet effective way to create a festive atmosphere and spread holiday cheer throughout your home.


The wooden NOEL sign is a perfect addition to your Christmas living room decor. Its rustic charm adds a cozy and festive touch to any space. Decorated with string lights and placed on the fireplace, this sign can be a focal point. Wooden NOEL sign from @whimsygirldesign

  • Hang Christmas socks

Christmas socks are a fun and festive way to incorporate the holiday season into your home. Hang them on your mantel or staircase for a cheerful and whimsical look that will instantly put you in the Christmas mood.


Hanging Christmas socks on the mantel fireplace for living room decor is a popular tradition during the holiday season. These festive socks are often filled with small gifts and treats for loved ones to discover on Christmas morning. The colorful stockings add a touch of whimsy and charm to the room, creating a cozy and joyful atmosphere for all to enjoy. Combined with garland decorations around the fireplace, it makes it more inviting. Christmas socks from @edwardbulmerpaint

  • Displaying Christmas figurines

Displaying Christmas figurines is an effortless way to add a touch of Christmas spirit to the living room. These figurines come in various designs and styles. They can be placed on shelves, mantels, or coffee tables, instantly transforming the space into a festive winter wonderland.


Reindeer figurines that are placed on the coffee table can add a touch of Christmas spirit and charm to the living room decor. These adorable figurines, with their intricate details, bring a whimsical element to your living room during the holiday season. Christmas figurines from @our.nohai.home


Incorporating these effortless ways to add a touch of Christmas spirit to your living room can instantly transform the space into a cozy and festive retreat. These small touches can create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your room to enjoy throughout the holiday season. So go ahead, get creative, and let the magic of Christmas fill your living room with joy and cheer.

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