Possible decorative plants you can have during winter

During winter, the plants outside will sleep the whole season so providing the plants inside the house will be the solution you can take to keep the greenery alive. Well, living this life without any greenery will be too plain and boring. The greenery will always be needed to bring a welcoming atmosphere around. It will also be homey and fresh while the weather is chilly. However, you can’t present the greenery just that way for your winter home decoration because there are some considerations that you should take.

The first thing that you should do in presenting the winter decorative plant is choose the plant itself before the planter. The plants should be those that can deal with the low light levels and the changeable conditions. It also should be easy to grow even with minimum maintenance. Is there any plant that has those kinds of characteristics? The answer is yes! Are you curious? Here are the examples that you can take.

Jade Plant

The jade plant is a great one since it can tolerate the warm and cold weather really well. It can also live even in low light conditions. For the watering schedule, you can do it monthly during winter that will be really easy so that you won’t be exhausted with the watering schedule. Or, you can see the plant’s condition. When you think that it already looks dry, then you can water it.


Kitchen decorative plant with the jade plant. Jade Plant from @brownmanwithagreenthumb


Succulent is already known for its easy maintenance. You don’t need to water it many times. It could be once a week, once in two weeks, or even once a month just based on the plant’s condition. It is true that the succulent is only in small sizes but it is interesting because it can be arranged into something unique. You can even use any planter and make a garden miniature.


Hanging window decorative plant in a winter theme. Succulent from @jagcagdesign

Oxalis Triangularis

The oxalis triangularis is a low-maintenance plant with a beautiful appearance that makes it interesting to have for your winter decorative plant. This plant has small flowers with purple leaves color that will give your winter house color. Another interesting fact about this plant is that it will close its flowers and leaves during the night and wide open when the morning comes.


Console table decorative plant. Oxalis Triangularis from @gardenersworldmag


This plant is interesting since it can be set as the floor or table pant and set as the hanging plant in vines. The plant can grow long and set as vines. You should also see the colors and patterns that will give a pretty look to the house. Tradescantia is easy to grow even during winter. You can repot it just anytime you want.


Bedroom decorative plant. Tradescantia from @indoorjungle1990


Orchid is a classic yet pretty one that can be used for your winter plant. It endures well during the winter weather. Anyway, there are many different kinds of orchids but the best one for winter is the phalaenopsis orchid. It needs low maintenance and can grow well in low light. You should also see the colors which are white that will be harmonious with the snow. It also has a bit of yellow color so as not to make the orchid look boring.


Table decorative plant. Orchid from @elinstad

Snake Plant

The snake plant is another resilient plant that can live well during winter. You can water it once a month and let it be in a low-light situation. The snake plant will let you have a fresh green plant to give the room a fresh ambiance. To beautify it, you can use the unique planter or the one that can characterize the season.


Floor decorative plant. Snake Plant from @donnadelaine_home

Ficus Elastica

This plant has a thick leave that makes it able to endure the chilly weather during winter. It also can grow high so that it can be perfect for your corner plant to make you feel like bringing the outdoor plant inside the house. You can put it in the bedroom, dining room, or kitchen when your living room is already decorated with the Christmas tree.


Bedroom floor decorative plant. Ficus Elastica from @studiohearhear

Aloe Vera

Not only able to bring greenery inside the house, but aloe vera is also really beneficial and has many advantages for health. However, although it is easy to grow, it still needs light although not periodically. We recommend you put it near the window or spots that commonly get the sunlight so that anytime the sunlight is there, the plant will get the light.


Window decorative plant. Aloe Vera from @zerowaste.id_official

The Benefits of Providing Winter Decorative Plants

Basically, the existence of decorative plants inside the house won’t be only beneficial during winter but also for any season. But, it is really valuable during winter because there won’t be any plants outside except the evergreen covered with the snow. It becomes the reason why the decorative plant is really recommended to be provided during winter. It will bring a certain warm and fresh atmosphere inside the house. Something that you can’t get around the cold snow outside where everything looks white. Additionally, the plants can also purify the air and reduce your blood pressure with the good atmosphere provided.

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