Winter wedding the magical and warm decor

If you are planning to have a wedding during the colder month which is the winter season, there are some considerations that you should take. The first important thing is to bring a warm atmosphere inside the venue. It could be by providing some items that can provide a welcoming and warm atmosphere. Then, for the temperature itself, you can simply put the heater here and there in case the venue is wide. This will be related to the technical matters. But, creating the atmosphere will be a different case that won’t be easy and should be considered well.

After that, what you should take concern next is presenting the winter characteristics in the decoration so that the winter spirit can be felt in the room. Well, winter is a magical season and not bringing it be part of your wedding decoration is too bad. There are some things items that you can use just like when you decorate your house such as the evergreen, snowflake, pinecones, etc. But here, the arrangement should be made to be more special so that it can be as valuable as the other wedding decoration aspects that are applied.

Basically, there are some basic parts of the winter wedding decoration that you should be concerned such as the table setting that will be really important so that you can serve your guests well. Then, you should also take the concern on the lighting, aisle, etc. Here we have compiled the ideas that will show you the ideas for a winter wedding decoration. It will be magical and possible to be made into a warm atmosphere for sure.

Table Setting

Giving the best service is really important as a way to appreciate your guests. And here, the table setting is the effort that you make for that. Decorate it as pretty as possible. However, you should also make sure to keep the table functional and not be full of decoration only.


This table setting is not colorful and simple but still able to bring a warm impression and winter characteristics. You can see on the color choices which are the warm wood color and green nature color for the warm impression. Then, there are pinecones and evergreens that will characterize the season. Such a warm and intimate. Table Setting from @weddingomania

Lighting Ideas

The lighting will be functional to make the decoration look magical and festive at the same time. It is just based on the ability to layer the lighting and the lighting choices itself. Anyway, for winter decoration, the impression that you need is not only about bringing a magical and festive impression but also a warm atmosphere. You can do it by providing some different kinds of candles and installing yellow lighting colors.


There is such a complete lighting installation in this winter wedding decoration. The candles come in different sizes and designs. Then, there are some string lights installed on the wall and ceiling for a magical impression. The lantern and chandelier make the decoration even more magical and festive. The last one, you should see the lighting color choice which is warm yellow. Wedding Lighting from @brides

Aisle Decor

The aisle should be decorated well because it will be the memorable path where you walk your steps with your spouse. It should be decorated based on your taste, putting something that you like, and applying the style that you want because it is your path on your special day. However, related to the season, it will be so much better if you apply the seasonal touches there to make it feel more harmonious.


This aisle decoration uses white color as the scheme. With the street light there, the aisle looks more actual and magical. The candles along the path add a romantic touch and make the atmosphere warmer. Aisle Decor from

Wedding Arch

The arch will also be about you so that you can choose the items that you want to put there based on something that you really love for your special day. Anyway, making it a little bit special is recommended because it will be your place as if it is your throne. Again, don’t forget to add some winter touches there.


To make it harmonious with the season, the white color is chosen for this wedding arch decoration. This arch is pretty, unique, cozy, and warm at the same time. Look at the items added there such as the macrame, the flowers, the fabric material, and the white tree. All are combined well to create a perfect and proper winter wedding arch. Wedding Arch from @weddinginclude

Flower Implementation

Well, everyone knows that flower is a must for a wedding decoration. For a winter wedding, you can choose the white flowers to make it harmonious with the season. Well, you may use other colors but we recommend you not to use tropical flowers too much.


The flowers are implemented massively from the ceiling, wall, to the table. The flower color choices are also perfect and it is able to bring a warm atmosphere inside the room. Look at this decoration. You can even feel like having an outdoor wedding while you are indoors. Wedding Flower Implementation from @harpersbazaar

Wedding Cake Design

A wedding cake is one of the important things for your wedding. It will be part of the ceremony. The question is, is it possible to make a winter-themed wedding cake design? Yes, for sure! You can have it by simply adding winter items as the cake ornament or choosing the right color scheme.


This winter wedding cake uses white as the color scheme. Then, to strengthen the winter impression, there are pinecones and evergreens added to decorate the cake. For the romantic touch, there is a ‘mr and mrs’ sign added on the top of the cake. Wedding Cake from @wedboard



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