How to decorate a classroom creatively this winter

It is true that winter is all about snow. But, in some places, it is also known as the days without the sunlight. Not to make the classroom look gloomy and less enthusiastic, what if we decorate the classroom to be seen as brighter and more impressive so that the students can learn enthusiastically before they have their long holiday? Of course, the decoration is also about bringing the winter touches into the room so that the spirit of the season can be attached to the room.

In decorating the classroom, you can ask the students to do this project with you. It will be a really fun activity and your students can express their creativity at once. There are some steps that you should take in doing the project, those are:

  1. deciding the spots to be decorated
  2. deciding the decoration concept or what to display there
  3. preparing the materials
  4. preparing the tools
  5. dividing the job for each group

Now, here are the ideas for decorating the classroom with some winter touches. You might use them as references that you can discuss together with your students.

Ceiling Decor

The ceiling will be able to bring a magical impression if you decorate it. There will be some ways that you can do but this one is the reference for you. The ceiling is decorated by using the paper snowflake which will effectively bring winter spirit into the room. You can ask the students to make the snowflake together. You just need some sheets of paper and string. Such an easy and cheap project that will be able to bring an authentic one.


Classroom Ceiling Decoration from @lessonswithlaughter

Whiteboard Decor

The whiteboard area becomes one of the spots in the classroom that should be decorated. It is because the whiteboard is the one that is being used every day. For the winter touches, you can install a fairy light, Christmas balls, or evergreen garland around the whiteboard. You can look at this idea where there is even a Christmas tree installed near the whiteboard.


Whiteboard Decor from @teachingwithmssuazo

Bulletin Board

The bulletin board is the one that is used to display students’ creativity and expression. Decorating it with the seasonal theme will be really worth it so that the students can even make the seasonal theme project to display. You can see it from this bulletin board where the snowman figures are used to write the students’ thoughts. There are also some white dots and a snowflake to represent the snow.


Bulletin Board from @thirdgradecorner

Door Decoration

It can be said that the door is the part of the classroom that is used to welcome the students. Decorating it with your best effort is really worth it. It will cheer the students even before they enter the classroom so that they can increase their good mood in studying. There are two different winter door decorations that we have here. The first one is on the snowman theme and the other one is on the Christmas tree theme. You can discuss it with your students to choose the best theme for the door.


Door Decoration from @livelaughlovesecond

Window Decor

If there is a window in the classroom, you should make it one of the spots to be decorated with the winter theme. Well, the window will be the center of interest during winter because the snowfall is such a magical thing to see. You can decorate the window by attaching the students’ work. It will be more intimate and make the students feel they own their classroom.


Window Decor from @threecheersfor3rdgrade

Table Decoration

Especially for the table decoration, you should be able to provide the decoration that won’t distract the students’ concentration. You don’t need to put many things there and apply only the simple things. You can copy this table decoration idea. It is done by simply applying the winter theme tablecloth on the table.


Table Decoration from @spaidsintheclassroom

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