2024 bathroom decor trends that will be huge

The main point of the bathroom decoration trend in 2024 is its ability to make everything feel easy. You should provide things that will give you ease while in the bathroom. In this case, you might deal with the smart technologies that can be installed and needed in the bathroom. I do believe that we all already know about smart technologies and their ability to give you a safe and easy life. Get some of them and make your life easier even when you are in the bathroom.

Not only about the technology, the 2024 decoration trend is all about back to nature to save the planet. It will be the theme for your bathroom decoration too. You can do this by using sustainable materials, putting some natural elements, letting the natural sunlight in, and implementing earthy colors to make the decoration look harmonious.

Here we have some details that you should have to decorate your house in the 2024 decoration trend. All the things that we suggest are representative of the efficiency in a hi-tech and modern design but still sustainable and natural-friendly for sure. Get the ideas below!

Smart Bathroom

The smart bathroom can be in some kinds of technologies. Let’s say that you can have a smart toilet, smart lighting, smart shower, smart door, etc. The main point is that, choose the ones that you really need based on your bathroom condition. Also, consider the budget because it might be a little bit pricey.


The smart toilet will let you use the toilet without even touching anything. It is really beneficial so that you can maintain the hygiene. Smart Toilet from @maisonvalentinaa


The kinds of smart lighting are really varied. It can be the ones that are controlled remotely or you can have the ones that turn on/off from the sensor. It will turn on automatically when you enter the room. No need to worry to forget about turning it off. Smart Lighting from @maisonvalentinaa

Green Bathroom

What is meant by a green bathroom is not only about implementing something green into the bathroom. It is more than that you should make it natural-friendly and let you feel the fresh nature inside the bathroom. You can have it by putting some greenery there and implementing some natural element materials such as gravel, wood, stone, etc. Also, if you can let the sunlight enter the bathroom, then it will be greater.


Not only providing the plant, this bathroom also uses some natural-friendly/sustainable materials. Let’s say that there are some gravels provided around the bathtub to dry the feet naturally. Then, there are also some items that use wood as the material. You should also see how the natural sunlight is able to enter the bathroom to save energy and maintain the humidity. Green Bathroom from @maisonvalentinaa

Doorless Shower

The doorless shower does not mean that there is no door at all in your shower room because it can’t be doubted that the existence of a shower door is really needed not to make the water splash around the bathroom area. It is bad to have such a wet bathroom area, right? In this case, you can have the glass shower door to make it look doorless. This kind of door will be effective to create such a wider room impression. Also, it makes the room look simple and efficient.


This shower room has a glass door with a matching frame color to make it blend really well. You should see how luxurious this bathroom decoration can be with a spacious impression even though the space is narrow. Glass Shower Door from @maisonvalentinaa

The Use of Wallpaper

Since the 2024 trend is about nature, applying the botanical theme wallpaper is the one that we recommend. The wallpaper will be beneficial to make your empty bathroom space look more interesting and not boring at all. Talking about the botanical theme itself, it will be about the plants, flowers, birds, mushroom, and other living thing available.


Look at this vine plant without any color to make it look simple and won’t bother the elegance of the deep green tiles on the wall. The design is botanical and really fits the theme of the 2024 decor trend. Bathroom Wallpaper from @mintandpinedesign

Backlit Mirror

The backlit mirror can be an effective lighting that you can have while you are dressing up or doing makeup. No need to install layering lighting in the area just to make sure that you get enough lighting there. Just simply install the backlit mirror.


This one is the the smart backlit mirror where the turn on/off button is touch screen right on the mirror. It also has a watch so that you can check the time dressing up or make-up without worrying about being late. Smart Backlit Mirror from @info_mi_mirror


This one is the most common mirror shape that you might know but it is still really worth it to have because the round shape is timeless. The color of the light is yellow which fits really well with the gold mirror frame. Round Backlit Mirror from @maisonvalentinaa


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