2024 color trends the implementation to the decoration

It is predicted that in 2024 the decoration concept will be something personal, sustainable, and nature-inspired. With that fact, it will surely influence the colors of the house. Remember that color is the part of your home decoration. It should be chosen carefully and you should be able to make it harmonious with the decoration concept.

With three main concepts of the 2024 decoration we have known, the colors will follow them to create a harmonious decoration. There are some colors that will fit but all of them are earthy colors to make it a correlation with the sustainable and nature-inspired aspects. The thing that you should know is that the earthy colors won’t be only about the color of wood and greenery. There are so many other elements on earth. You can get the colors from the soil, stone, flowers, colorful foliage, sky, sea, etc.

Now, the question is, how can those earthy colors reflect people’s personalities in the decoration? Well, basically, color is a language that says self-expression. Since there are so many choices of earthy colors, you can choose one or two colors that reflect your personality to be implemented into the decoration. Or, you can simply choose the ones that you love. I do believe that something that you love is already the representation of your personality.

Now, are you ready to see the earthy colors that will be the 2024 color trends implemented into the decoration? Get the ideas below.

Earthy Green


Earthy Green from @akindofhome

The green color is known for its calming characteristic. In nature, you can find it from foliage, grass, butterflies, birds, and more. It even can be said that for the earthy colors, green is the most popular one. Well, basically, the green color has many shades. But, for 2024, it is predicted that the deep green is the one that will be the trend. The deep green color can embody the elegant impression that will make it adorable.

Yellow and Orange


Yellow and Orange Colors from @akindofhome

Yellow and orange colors are the fall colors where the earth will turn into those two colors. So pretty and adorable. You can implement the colors by combining both together. The combination will illustrate the luminous beauty of those two colors. Also, you will get an inviting and captivating home atmosphere.



Blue Color from @akindofhome

The blue color will represent the airy and watery color, especially for the denim blue color with a gray undertone. The color will be a little bit dark but it reflects the beautiful, soft, and breezy characteristics which are really worth it. The character is really strong and powerful yet peaceful. The blue color will be such an interesting choice.

Dark Chic


Dark Chic from @darkhomes

The dark chic color will be about balancing the bright and light shades together in the decoration. But, remember that the colors should be earthy colors. You can implement this one by combining the black or grey color with the light brown, ivory, or even the green color. The green color will make the dark color more inviting and elegant at the same time.

Warming Neutral


Neutral Color from @darkhomes

Neutral colors are timeless colors that will never be out of style. Anyway, there are some neutral colors that include earthy colors such as brown, beige, black, and grey. You can combine the colors together to create such a great decoration. No need to worry because the neutral colors will always match one another when being combined together.



Pink Color from @akindofhome

Pink is a pretty and feminine color that you can find in roses and other flowers. It will be really sweet to use it in the decoration and surprisingly, the pink color is able to create a nostalgic and optimistic impression. No need to worry about using into the decoration. If you don’t want to be seen as too stand out, you can combine it with other colors that can calm the pink color down.



Purple Color from @akindofhome

Well, it is true that purple can be seen as too intimidating but the color is extremely versatile. If you apply the muted purple color in a softer shade, you can see how nice it can be. You can combine it with the purple color, blue, green, or ivory.


With all of the color choices available and the varied shades that the earthy color has, I do believe that you can find the one that represents your personality. You can combine the colors to beautify the decoration but we recommend you to keep choosing other earthy colors to be combined to make the decoration look more authentic.

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