2024 entryway decor looks that will be trend

The entryway can be said as the transition room to the larger room which is the living room. It will also be the room where your guests have their first impression of the house. For the 2024 entryway decoration trend, it should be about making the room to be inviting, aesthetic, and functional.

An inviting decoration can be made by putting the natural items and warm accents. It could be from the color scheme choices, the wood material, or having some greeneries. Then, for the aesthetic aspect, you can have it by providing the furniture or ornament in unique shapes or details. The last one, to make it functional, you should be able to choose items to be provided. Make sure that the items can function well and it won’t be a waste of space item. Since the entryway space won’t be spacious enough, being selective is important. You should see the items from their effectiveness, efficiency, and design.

Show-off Antiques

The antiques can effectively bring beauty into the room. That is why providing the antiques is really recommended for the 2024 decoration trend. It will level up the entryway room without too much effort. In this case, the antique won’t be only about the artwork or item that is being displayed but also the antique furniture that is still available at the store.


It is great how the entryway has many antiques on the furniture. You can see the console table, the bench, and even the mirror. The entryway is really aesthetic and impressive. Antuques from @libbycameronllc

The Presence of Storage

It can be said that storage is an important aspect of the entryway. You can use it to store shoes, bags, umbrellas, anything! By using the storage, you make the space to be seen as clean and not messy at all. Everything can be well organized so that your small space can be seen as more spacious.


The color of the cabinet is really interesting which is green with a grey tone. There are two kinds of cabinet which is the open cabinet and the closed cabinet. The open cabinet can used to store the footwear that will be used in a short time so that you can get ease. Storage from @the_curated_home_design

Statement Lighting

A statement lighting is one that can serve as a focal point in the room. In this case, the design should be special. You can use it to beautify your small entryway space effectively. You may have the big one in the form of the chandelier and install it in the center of the entryway space where people can see it and won’t miss it. Make it as eye-catching as possible.


The chandelier design is simple and common. But, it becomes special and stands out with the shade that covers the lamps. The color choice is also smart which is black and white to blend really well around the room. Statement Lighting from @theboyerhome

Console Table

The console table is really common to be provided in the entryway. It is used to put table lamps, aromatherapy, ornaments, candles, vases, greeneries, etc. For the 2024 entryway trend, the console table should be in an inviting design. You can have it in an earthy color or natural element material.


The console table is made of wood with iron legs. The wood has a natural indentation and pattern which is great to bring the natural atmosphere around the small entryway room. Console Table from @interiors.and.diys

Coat Rack

The coat rack is quite important and such a must. Your guests can hang their coats or hats there so that they won’t have any difficulty in storing their things. Also, when the coats and hats already have their own place, your home area can be well-organized and not messy.


This one is a kind of coat rack that is hung on the wall as part of the built-in cabinet. The use of the space in this entryway decoration is really effective and efficient. Coat Rack from @photographieinterieure.co

Glass/Mirror Installation

It is already known that the glass or mirror is able to make the room look spacious. Especially if you have it in the big one. The function fits well with the entryway decoration need where it should be made to be seen wider due to its limited space. Additionally, when you have the glass or the mirror in an aesthetic one, you can can beautify the decoration at once.


This round mirror is big and able to create a spacious impression. The frame is unique with the wood material in combination shapes. Mirror Installation from @nykie_designs

Multifunctional Bench

To give you ease in wearing the footwear, especially the shoes, having a bench in the entryway is important. Anyway, in this case, we recommend you have the multifunctional one to make the entryway be seen as more effective and efficient. What is meant by the multifunctional here is that the bench can be used to sit and store things. You can choose the one that has storage under the seating.


This one is the built-in bench with storage under the seating area and a coat rack above. This one is such a great idea where you can get many functions in one item and spot. Multifunctional Bench from @our.ga.home

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