Apartment trend 2024 how to make the decoration stay up to date

It is a little bit different from the 2024 home decoration trend where there are some characteristics and considerations that you should take. For the 2024 apartment decoration, it won’t be about something stylish or fashionable but more about something that can express your own style and taste. Anyway, with all of the freedom that you have in decorating your apartment, there are still two main concepts that you should follow which are comfort and closeness to nature.

For that, we have compiled some decoration ideas that may fit your own style or taste. And, the most important thing is that the decoration is already filled the 2024 decoration trend needs. Since there are so many decoration style choices that you can take, we do advise you to learn about all styles before you decide. Find the one that fits your taste and personality really well.


A minimalist decoration is about presenting as minimum as possible items in the house. Put only something that you really need. Also, the colors should be neutral and not stand out. For the items to be provided are also should be considered well. For example, the furniture that you choose should have less pattern, less texture, and details.


This apartment has minimal furniture. Only the ones that are needed. There is no ornament provided and only a blackbird. The natural touch comes from the wood material used in the coffee table, chairs, and dining table. Natural sunlight can enter the room for energy efficiency purposes. Minimalist Decor from @softervolumes


The eco-style decoration is about making a natural-friendly decoration. It is not only by presenting the greenery in the apartment but also by providing something that can save nature. For example, you can do energy efficiency by minimizing the use of the air-conditioner. Then, you can also minimize the use of electricity for the lamps by having a big glass window or wall to let the natural sunlight enter the apartment.


This apartment has an authentic eco-style decoration. You can see that this apartment uses a fan rather than an air-conditioner. Then, the wall is in glass material to let the natural sunlight enter the apartment. You should also see some greeneries that are provided in the room. Ecostyle Decor from @one.interior.mag

Neo Classic

You should be ready to use calm colors only if you want to have neo-classic apartment decor. The design will be simple but luxurious. You will bring the modern touches and combine them with the classic design. There will be some artwork there to beautify the decoration and to bring the classic decor impression.


This neo-classic decoration uses a grey color as the scheme for the modern touches. Then, it is combined with the gold color for a luxurious impression. For the classic touch, you can see that there is an 80’s painting on the wall. Neo Classic Decor from @ya_interiordesign_


The hi-tech decoration is about making the minimalist style have more advanced features. It also commonly has a monochromatic color finish and uses some metal element materials in the decoration. The appliances will be in a high-technology and the smart technology will be provided too.


This apartment has a dark color scheme with some reflective panels and lighting. The look is really outstanding in its simplicity. There are some yellow lamps installed there to calm down the solid dark atmosphere around the room. Hi-Tech Design from @allofarchitecture

Art Deco

The Art Deco apartment will be about presenting art in the decoration. Not only in the form of artwork that is commonly displayed but also on some parts of the decoration such as the furniture, the ceiling indentation, and carving, the lamp, etc. It is great how the apartment will be seen as artsy.


The artwork display is on the sculptures and wall ornament. Then, the furniture is also artistic with a flowy design. You should also see the fireplace and ceiling with the harmonious carving. Artdeco Decor from @qratededition


The main feature of retro decoration is that it will be rich in colors, have geometric prints, and interesting furniture shapes. Basically, the retro decorations style really standout with its rich colors but if you don’t want to make the decoration to be seen as too much with all of the bright colors, then you can have the neutral colors there to calm down the ambiance.


This room has varied stand-out colors and is muted with beige and brown colors so as not to make the decoration look crowded. You should see the shape of the furniture with varied indentations and unique shapes. Retro Decor from @cove.islandessentials

Pop Art

The pop art decoration commonly loved by the youth. Dealing with this decoration style will make you deal with the contrast and combination. Not only for the colors but also the pattern and the texture. The wall is mostly white with paintings or photographs hung there. The ambiance of this decoration will be really energetic and fun.


This room uses orange and yellow colors for the bright touches. Then, the pattern is created on the rug and stool in a harmonious color which is the combination of black and white. There is a painting on the wall and a unique standing lamp. Pop Art Decor from @designandabout

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