2024 modular home design the hottest decoration trend

The focus on the 2024 decoration trend will be on three things, those are functionality, sustainability, and the personal touches that are included in the decoration. The functionality is about the decoration that won’t be only pretty but can be functioned well to support all the owner’s living needs. Sustainability is about the way you decorate the house by considering the earth’s stability. It could be from the materials used, the product making, and the way the product is distributed that should not harm the earth. Then, for the personal touch, it is more about making your house feel comfortable and making you want to stay there for such a long time since the decoration is really ‘you’. It represents your personality really much.

From those three things, the functionality will be closely related to the modular design. It is a kind of trend that will be focused on creating flexibility in the space. It means that the items provided can be adjusted and customized to make them as proper as possible. No matter what the size, shape, or redecorating projects that you do, the modular items can be adjusted into the house.

Additionally, the modular items have unique designs so that you can use them to beautify the decoration at once. It will be stylish and innovative which is great for the 2024 decoration trend. The modular items won’t be out of date, aesthetic, and functional at the same time. We can’t wait to show the kinds of modular items you can add to your 2024 home decoration.

Modular Bed


Modular Bed from @the.nua.studio

This modular bed has an extension under the bed. It is in the form of a wood pallet that you can use to put on a mattress or bed in case you have a friend or family stay at your house. Besides, you can use it to put your things as if it is a table such as your books, lamp, laptop, etc. If you want to make the wider, you can push it under the bed and make it invisible.

Modular Table


Modular Table from @residenz.bln

This table has flexibility in use. You can have it in the arrangement just like in the picture. Or, you can separate the table in case, there are many foods and guests who sit there so that all the guests can have the same table space no matter where they sit. You should also see how aesthetic the living room can be with the table design which is in different heights and colors.

Modular Seating


Modular Seating from @sandras_wonderland

For those who have a small space, the modular seating will be the one that you need. You can arrange the seating placement based on the space that you have. Not only for the living room but also for the balcony, porch, or even the patio. Additionally, the modular seating will give you ease in case you need one part of the seating to be used in another room spot temporarily. This one is such a flexible one.

Modular Planter


Modular Planter from @brothersmake

Such a brilliant one! This planter can be set in two ways. You can have it horizontally and vertically in an easy way. You can even move it to any other location easily. So, no matter what space you have, you can always use it. The material is wood to make it harmonious with nature. The shape is like a ladder where the planter basket can move easily based on the position of the poles.

Modular Bar


Modular Bar from @wittedspaces

This modular bar can be multifunctional. You can use it as the bar, dining table, and even the working space just based on your needs. In case you are not going to use the table space and want to have a spacious and simpler room impression, you can fold the table that will be seen as a wall. This one is really effective and efficient for your apartment, dorm, or other small occupancy.

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