How to transform a small space to be a cozy bedroom

A bedroom is supposed to be special. It is the place where you rest your body and mind after such a tiring day of working or studying. You should make it as comfortable as possible. Give your best effort in decorating the bedroom and put your personal touches there. However, what if the space is too narrow? Will it still be comfortable? Will it still be proper? The answer is ‘yes’!

We can’t doubt that the small space will give you some limitations. You should consider many things and adjust the design not to make the room look even narrower and to make sure that all of your stuff can be inserted into the room. But, you don’t need to worry because there are still some tricks that you can do to transform the small space into the most cozy bedroom.

Anyway, before we start to the tricks, we recommend you to draw your plan first. You should find the theme of the decoration you want to have. Then, you should make a list of the furniture or facilities that you need. After that, you can re-consider whether some items can be eliminated or not. You should also check the space to get the possible furniture for the bedroom. It can be from the design or size. When you are already drawn to the plan, you can now move to the tricks that we gathered below.

Big Mirror

In the interior realm, big mirrors or glass wall is already known for their effectiveness in creating a wider room impression. You can use it for your small bedroom decor. You can install such a big mirror there that you use to dress up and makeup while it makes the bedroom looks wider at the same time.


This one is such a great choice. The mirror is installed as the cupboard doors. You can get three functions at the same time those are as the door, the mirror to dress up, and the item to create a spacious room impression. Mirror Installation from @lalainteriordecor

Storage Under the Bed

Having the storage under the bed is already used by many people. It is the most effective way to save space. You can use it to store clothes, shoes, books, collections, anything! For this, you should consider freeing up the space near the bed so that you can pull the storage or drawer under the bed.


This black bed has storage under the bed that can surely save space for the cupboard. The storage is layered with the same bed material so that it isn’t seen as storage. Storage Under the Bed from @lalainteriordecor

Bunk Bed

Something vertical will be effective in saving space. The bunk bed can be the solution for the small bedroom space. If you don’t need two beds, you can use the bed space in the first tier for other purposes. For example, you can use it to place your storage, table, cupboard, etc.

Screen shot 2023-12-08 at 10.59.11

Look at this bedroom, even when only uses such a small space in the room, it already has a bed, table, chair, rack, and even free up space under to lounge. Bunk Bed Modification from @decodipetre

Invisible Storage

The invisible storage is the storage that doesn’t see that there is a storage there. It is commonly done by building a built-in storage that is jutting inward the wall. There will be a door or whatever it is to cover it and make it as if there is no storage there.


This one is the built-in storage that will let you have the storage and even a table and chair inside the wall. When it is being covered, there is nothing left besides the wall. It is a really brilliant idea. Built In Storage from @livingetcofficial

Soft Neutral Color Scheme

To create a spacious room impression, the decoration experts will always advice us to use the soft neutral color. It brings a bright room impression to make it look clean and spacious. Examples of soft neutral colors are white, ivory, soft beige, etc. You can combine it with other colors as long as it doesn’t change the place of the soft neutral color as the color domination.


The color scheme of this bedroom is white. Not to make the decoration look boring, this bedroom adds the wood color touches and a little bit of peach and pink color there. White Color Scheme from @scandinavianstyle_lover

Floating Cabinet

Something floating is known for its ability to make a small room doesn’t seem narrower. It is because the floating items won’t need any space on the floor or room area. For the bedroom, you can provide a floating cabinet to store your stuff such as books, collections, shoes, etc.

Screen shot 2023-12-08 at 11.02.00

The floating cabinet has a harmonious design with a cabinet under the bed. This bedroom really maximizes the way in making the room not to be seen as narrower. With all of the limitations, this bedroom can still have all of the facilities needed. Floating Cabinet from @homegrowndecoration


If it is possible, having the skylight will help you to have a spacious room impression. It is because the skylight will let you see the outdoors and make it as if there is no limit between the ceiling and the sky. Besides, it will be really beautiful especially during the night with the stars and moon.


The skylight is really close to the bed which will allow you to see the sky clearly. This one is really adorable. No matter how narrow the space that you have in the room, looking at the skylight will always help you deal with this. Skylight from @carolinaleon_interiors

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