Easy jack-o lantern designs you can carve yourself

Pumpkin is such a must to have during the fall season. It will be worth it the whole days in a season including when we celebrate Thanksgiving and Halloween. Also, pumpkin will never be out of style as you can have it again and again for the next year and so on. So, never leave the pumpkin when the fall comes.

There are so many ideas about implementing the pumpkin into the decoration and one of them is by making it into Jack-o Lantern. The lantern will be decorative to beautify the seasonal decoration and also functional since it can used to light the room or any other spots where you put the lantern. It could be indoor and outdoor.

From all of the things that you should prepare and consider related to the Jack-o lantern, the most challenging one is the design. Well, choosing the personality or character of the Jack-o lantern can be quite confusing yet fun. The point is that you should decide on the theme that you want to bring this year. Whether you want the spooky, cute, fun, or any other choices? When you already decided on the theme, you can check the following character references for your inspiration.

Bert and Ernie Jack-O Lantern

If you want to have a fun theme, you can choose the Bert and Ernie theme. Your kids will really love it and you can also feel the fun and joy impression from the characters that Bert and Ernie have. For this Jack-O lantern you will need some additional materials such as the hair, eyes, and eyebrow.

Burlap Jack-O Lantern


Burlap Jack-O Lantern from @theshabbytree

For a warm impression, burlap will never fail you. You can make a burlap Jack-o lantern by wrapping the burlap around the pumpkin after you carve it. No need to worry that the carving won’t be seen because once you turn on the light, the character will be clearly seen. We do recommend you use the thin burlap and wrap the pumpkin once without any layer so that the burlap won’t prevent the light from shining.

Jack Skellington Lanter


Jack Skellington Lanter from @thehalloweenpage

If you are looking for the scary and popular characteristics of your Jack-o lantern, you can choose the Skellington. Creating a couple will be even better. The point character of the Skellington is one the eyes and the mouth. Make sure that you carve them well for those two parts. After that, you can add other details such as eyebrow, ribbon, or whatever it is.

Classic Jack-O Lantern


Even when it looks classic, the common Jack-o lantern design is never out of style. It offers you with a nostalgic feeling which is warm in the heart and mind. It will also bring you to the old days when you are kids. So, if you want it, just have it. The classic Jack-o lantern character will always be proper for your Halloween celebration and even during the fall.

Dwarf House Lantern


Dwarf House Lantern from @gloriafallon

The dwarf theme will be cute. It will make your Halloween doesn’t seen as scary for the kids and even fun. You can also use it for the Thanksgiving celebration at once. The concept of the dwarf house Jack-o lantern is about inserting the small pumpkin inside the bigger one that is already carved into the dwarf house. You can see this in the image above. How cute the lantern can be.

Totem Jack-O Lantern


Totem Jack-O Lantern from @scratchandstitch

If you want the majestic design for your Jack-o lantern, the totem character is the easiest choice you can make. You just have to simply pile up some Jack-o lanterns vertically. In this case, you can make different characters or expressions for each lantern so that the design can be more unique and festive. Don’t forget to add a hat for the top of the level of the lantern for a more impressive design.

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