Creating the most cozy sitting room in the house

Just like its name, the sitting room is a place to sit, and it is not a private room so there are some considerations that you should take in decorating the sitting room to make it proper not only for you but also for others who might sit there. Anyway, some of you might be confused about the difference between the sitting room, living room, and family room. Let’s try to divide it below.

  • Living room: It is commonly has a large space. The decoration concept is formal and intended to be the entertaining room. So, there will be some entertainment facilities.
  • Family room: It is quite different from the living room where the family room is supposed to be casual and can be flexible to be used for everyone to watch movies or hang out.
  • Sitting room: The sitting room is a medium between two. It is not too casual or too formal. It should be relaxing and intimate not only for you but also for the whole family members to take a nap, read books, and have a warm conversation.

Now that you already know about what the sitting room is, it’s time for you to start the decoration plan. Here we have some advice for you to get the coziest sitting room ever. You can draw your plan by putting the ideas that fit your needs and room space. Enjoy!

Comfortable Seating Area

The seating area is an important part of the sitting room. Here, you should give your best effort, especially in finding the best sofa or chairs or whatever it is that you will use to sit. It should be comfortable, soft, and can deal with any season. You may add some other facilities such as cushions and throw blankets.


The sitting room uses a sofa with an extra puffy pad. It looks really comfortable and tender. There are also cushions and a throw blanket added on the sofa. Comfortable Seating Area from @emma_sims_hilditch

Make it Simple

We recommend you give a simple decoration concept for your sitting room so that your intimate activities there won’t be distracted by too many colors, patterns, or textures. By making it simple, you will focus on the people around you so that you can get a good quality moment with your loved ones in such an intimate atmosphere.


The color scheme of this sitting room is really warm. It has ivory, beige, and wood-brown colors that mix together in such a simple yet beautiful way. the detail is limited but not boring at all. Simple Decoration from @making_highview_home

Creating Balance

What is meant by balance here is that in case you want to have certain bright or stand-out colors in the decoration, you should be able to create balance. Also, if you want to apply the pattern or texture, there should be a special treatment that you do to create balance. For example, if you want to put your favorite color which is yellow, you should think about applying the soft neutral color like white for the other parts so that the decoration can stay simple.


This sitting room decoration uses a bright green color as the standout one. Then, it uses white and ivory colors around the green color to make a balance. Still, the decoration looks calm and comfortable. Balance Decoration from @lucywilliamsinteriors

Natural Elements

The natural element is an important one to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Since the sitting room is supposed to be intimate, applying the natural element will help you to bring an intimate atmosphere to the room with its warm and welcoming impression. There are so many natural elements that you can have such as wood, stone, plants, etc.


This sitting room is really adorable with some wood material implementation on the furniture and floor. There is also a sisal basket, greeneries, and red bricks applied. Natural Element from @diariesofmyhome

Neutral Color Scheme

In creating a simple warm decoration, then neutral color scheme is the one that recommended. You may apply other colors that you want but the neutral colors should be the color scheme or the color domination. The neutral colors that you can use are white, ivory, beige, brown, and soft grey. We don’t recommend you to use black color even when it is a neutral color. Choose the soft one to get a warm and welcoming atmosphere.


White is the color scheme that this sitting room use. Then, it is added with the brown colors on some stuff provided there. So simple yet so warm. Neutral Color Scheme from @kellyscottinteriors

Airy and Bright

It always feels good to be in an airy and bright room. The airy room can be reached by having a wide window that will let the air enter the room. With a wide window, you can also get a bright room from the natural sunlight. The sunlight will manage the humidity of the room which influences your health.


The window is right behind the sofa which will let you get the fresh air while sitting there. It is great how airy atmosphere you will have. The warm sunlight will also touch you and give you a warm feeling. Airy and Bright Decoration from @emersonhouseinteriors


As we have mentioned before the sitting room is supposed to be the place where you can relax and do some fun things that you really like. With that idea, the sitting room is facilitated with the books. It can be in a big rack full of books or simply some books or magazines under the coffee table.


The books are displayed behind the sofa so that people can reach them easily and put the books again when done. This one is an example of a rack, anyway, if you want to beautify the decoration at once, you may have a unique rack based on your taste. Book Collection Display from @myoldpub

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