Fresh and cozy living room decor trend 2024 you should consider

Anticipating what trends will be in the next year will be so much fun. We’re full of excitement for the new things while questioning whether will it be great or not for the next year. Also, when you already updating your home decor with the next year’s trend, you’ll be the pioneer for sure.

As one of the public spaces where you, your family, and close friends are spending their time, we do recommend you to do the redecoration for your living room first. Or, if it is too impossible to do the redecoration for all rooms, at least, do it for your living room.

There will be some points of the living room decor trends in 2024 that we will show you below. However, from all of the points, the main things are about how the living room can bring a fresh and comfortable feeling for everyone in the room.

Comfort and Coziness

The first thing that you should do for the 2024 living room decor trend is to bring comfort and coziness inside the room. Well, it is true that the coziness version for each person is different based on their own taste and perspective. But, we can make it general where the comfortable and cozy room will be related to the inviting atmosphere that can be reached from the right color scheme choice, the personal touches, the facilities, and the nostalgic items.


So comfortable! That is the impression that we can tell. There is natural sunlight in, the flowy furniture, soft rug, fresh greenery, and many aesthetic touches. Unique Tiles from @theobert_pot

Maximalism Technique

The maximalist technique is used to facilitate you in having a personal touch inside the decoration. As we have mentioned before the 2024 decoration trend is about adding personal touches to the decoration. It will really match with the maximalist technique where you can free yourself to put what you really need and love.

Anyway, even when the maximalist decoration allows you to do whatever it is, you should be careful not to be too much because it is not about maximalist decoration. You can add lines, colors, and textures in the right portion.



The yellow color provided here is used to bring the nostalgic touch and add a bright joyful color. Then, it is layered with other interesting colors without being too much. You should also see the patterns and textures that this living room has. Everything is in the right portion, warm, and comfortable. Maximalist Decor Technique from @akindofhome

Oversized Accent

The oversized accent is predicted to be the part of 2024 decoration trend. It will be about providing some bigger items than its common size. It could be for home accessories, ornament, or some possible furniture.


There is a giant table lamp that is placed beside the sofa near the fireplace. Then, there is also a giant vase with giant flowers. Those items look unique and able to make a warm room atmosphere with their full impression. Anyway, be careful when you have a small home space only because providing too many oversized items will make the room look narrow. Oversized Accent from @akindofhome

Personal Touches

You can present your personal touches from the items that really characterize yourself such as the colors, shapes, and patterns that will be surely different for each style. Or, you can have it by installing your works. It could be your photographs, paintings, or other art. By adding the personal touches, people will be more enjoy in spending their times in their houses with the comfortable atmosphere created.


There are some photographs that are installed on the wall. It is such a great addition that will beautify the room by bringing the aesthetic side. Also, it is really warm with all the photos installed there. Personal Touch Decor from @akindofhome

Bring the Sustainability

Sustainability is about making your house more environmentally friendly. It will be great to provide some sustainable products inside the room. Not only able to help the earth, but it will also let you get the warm atmosphere created by the natural materials being used in the decoration. Well, all earthy things will never fail you to get the warm and inviting ambiance inside the room.


This room uses some bamboo materials for the lampshade and planter baskets. It also uses wooden material for the table and cabinet under the TV. You should also see the sisal stool near the coffee table which is unique and sustainable. Sustainable Decor from @mycozydecors

Let the Natural Sunlight In

The 2024 trend will require you not only to make an effort to save the environment but also to make energy efficient by installing some big windows, doors, walls, or skylights to let the natural sunlight in. You will save the electricity budget by not turning on the lamps and by not using the air conditioner during summer because you already have such a wide window.


This one is an apartment that won’t have too spacious room. For this room, the windows are already big enough and able to let the sunlight enter the room. Look at how the sunlight exposes the walls, floor, and furniture in the living room. Such a beautiful one! Natural Light from @akindofhome

The Presence of Greenery

The greenery will help you to have a fresh room and an inviting atmosphere inside the room. It will be a good connection with other decoration points we already mentioned before. Here, you can choose plants that are easy to grow, resilient, have low-maintenance characteristics, and are able to live in any season so that you don’t need to change the plants when the seasons change.


The plant choice is simple but aesthetic with the leaves’ shapes. You can see it from the potted plant near the window. Then, there is also greenery provided between the living room sofa to make you feel like you are around nature while being in the living room. This is the way awe bring the outdoor in. Living Room Greenery from @akindofhome

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