Main considerations you should take in decorating the living room

The living room is a room that is aimed at the public room. That is why it is commonly large enough and can be used for at least four or six people. The decoration is a little bit formal but still be able to be an entertaining room. It is quite different from the private room when decorating the living room. You should consider some things that won’t only be good for you but also your guests and family members. In this case, we recommend you apply the timeless decoration or the comfort zone decoration style.

Anyway, even when you should be as neutral as possible, it doesn’t mean that you can’t put your personal touches there. You can still do that by displaying some of your collections. You can also choose the detail items such as candles, table runners, or curtains based on your taste. However, for some aspects, we do recommend you to keep choosing the ones that can be comfortable for all. To help you deal with that, we have some considerations and advice that hopefully can be your reference.

Living Room Furniture

It can be said that furniture is the main thing that you should consider well. Don’t be in a hurry in choosing the furniture for the living room. You should think of the size, the shape, the design, and the comfort. Don’t choose the furniture just because it is beautiful, on the contrary, it can be functional. For example, in choosing the sofa, you should try to sit there first before you buy so that you can measure the level of comfort of the sofa.


The sofa is in an L shape with a simple but timeless design and color choice. It comes in a set with cushions to add comfort while sitting there. Living Room Furniture from @classy___interiors


The living room should also have a coffee table and cabinet. The coffee table is needed to complete the sofa and the cabinet is needed to store things such as magazines, games cards, remotes, etc. The existence of the cabinet will help you deal with the mess and keep the room well organized. Living Room Furniture from @classy___interiors

Living Room Walls

The wall should be decorated also. It can be functional to beautify the decoration without any ornament. Especially if you have a small living room space, giving a wall treatment will be really functional because you can save space. The wall treatment can be in some ways. You can have the wallpaper, mural, wood slats, etc. The choices will be really varied so that you can choose the one based on the decoration style you have in the living room.


The wood slats are installed on one side of the wall to give an aesthetic touch to the room. The portion of the wood slats is perfect. It is not too much and not less. Wood Slats from @classy___interiors


Around the modern sofa and other modern items provided there, the brick wall becomes the means to give a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the living room. Brick Wall from @gdzies_tam_w_lesie

Living Room Lighting

The lighting is the key of the room to be proper enough to use. It will make it possible to do the activities there. Additionally, the lighting can also create an illusion as if the room is wider and airy. If you want to utilize the lighting to beautify the decoration, you can install the pretty and aesthetic lighting so that you can minimize the use of the ornament.


The curtain string light is really standout and makes the room look so magical. It is layered with a bamboo chandelier with its rural impression for a welcoming ambiance. Living Room Lighting from @gdzies_tam_w_lesie


The idea of using the sconce is really brilliant. Look at how the light exposed the wall area which is adorable. There are also candles and a chandelier for the layer. Functional and stylish! Living Room Lighting from @zuhausedekor

Living Room Color Scheme

We recommend you choose a neutral color scheme such as white, beige, ivory, light grey, and other soft neutral colors. Those colors will be timeless and kind of a safe color to be combined with any style, furniture, and home accessories. Choosing the color scheme should be done first before you purchase the items so that everything can be as harmonious as possible.


The beige color scheme that is applied in this living room makes the room feel warm. With the addition of tropical greeneries, the living room feels more welcoming and so much worth it. Beige Color Scheme from @homeinheidelberg


The light grey color can be a good choice. It is in a lighter version of grey so that won’t make the room look dark. You can see how bright this room and how airy the atmosphere look like. Light Grey Color Scheme from @mycleandecor

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