Elevate the decoration of your house by applying accent wall

The wall can be the intermediary for you to beautify the decoration subtly. You can even save space since it won’t need the space in the house area. Also, by utilizing the wall, you won’t be bothered with items such as ornaments to create a pretty impression in the house. Now, the question is, are there varied choices that we can take for the wall treatment? The answer is ‘yes’! It won’t be only about hanging wall galleries, wreaths, or any other hanging things. You can even deal with the wall itself. It can be by implementing the wallpaper, mural, molding, etc. The choices are really varied as you can adjust them based on your budget and your home design style that matches the most with your house.

The implementation of the wall treatment can be in any room in the house. It won’t only for the living room but also the bathroom, bedroom, just any room you have. You can plan the concept and choose the best wall treatment you want. For example, if you have a modern house and you think that it needs a little bit of touch to make it warmer and welcoming, you can implement the wood slats in a a certain wall spot you want. The wood slats will bring the natural element inside the house for a warmer house atmosphere. I want you to know more about the possible wall treatments that you can have. Go down and find the references.


The molding is the best choice for you who don’t want to have the patterned wall. It looks simple but expensive. It also has a texture to create dimension. You can even the arrangement of the texture to create a certain shape. The molding will be seen as classic but luxurious. It is great if you want to have a luxurious home impression without spending too much bidget.


The molding in white color created in different space sizes brings a certain beauty that you can get even without displaying anything on the wall. You can see there that the white color won’t be seen as boring at all with the right treatment. Molding Wall from @madeofnaturalneutrals

Wood Slats

For those who want to have the farmhouse impression for their houses, the wood slats are the solution. The wood material is the one that really familiar for farmhouse decoration. It also has a nature element character which is able to bring warmth inside the house. By implementing the wood slats, you can instantly bring the farmhouse style inside the house and get the best atmosphere ever.


The wood slats are implemented on the one side wall in the house. It is really fine because when you apply them in all wall parts, that will be too much. Look at how great the impression that the wood slats offer. Wood Slats Wall from @anitayokota


Implementing the tiles for the wall is quite familiar. However, it is not familiar to be installed in all rooms. The common rooms that are implemented with the tiles are the kitchen and the bathroom. There are varied tile designs available from the colors, shapes, to the patterns. With that fact, you can freely choose the tiles without any limitations. Get the ones based on your taste, home style, imagination, and needs.


These blue tiles are simple in rectangular shapes but look aesthetic with the arrangement of the tiles. The arrangement itself can be the key for you to get a better wall-tiled impression. Tiled Wall from @styleophile_uk


Implementing a mural as your wall treatment will make the house look aesthetic and artistic. Also, the value will be high which is really effective in elevating your home decoration. If you want to have a mural as your wall treatment and you don’t have any painting skills, we recommend you ask a professional. To make the mural really effective in elevating your home decoration, you should make sure that you choose the right people to do it.


This blooming flower mural is really adorable. It is pretty, sweet, and artistic at the same time. The room impression is really enlivened as it has a high value.  Mural Wall from @sunshine.sparrows


Wallpaper is also common for the wall treatment. You can replace it and change the pattern/design anytime you want. The wallpaper will be great for you who love patterns. It will offer you varied patterns to beautify the wall and give the best impression in the room. You should also know that there is a certain wallpaper type that has textures. You can have it to bring the dimension to the wall.


This one is an example of the timeless wallpaper design. It comes in a neutral color which is grey with a little bit of timeless pattern style. Wallpaper from @daleyhome

Shiplap Wall

Shiplap is commonly used for the farmhouse or rustic home impression. It is effective in bringing the rural atmosphere inside the house. You can let it have the brown wood color or you can paint it with any color you want to create a harmonious decoration with the style that you apply to the house. The shiplap will also effectively create a warm and welcoming room impression which is great to be added to your boring home decor.


Around the white color, the grey shiplap gives a color to the room. It brings beauty with the shiplap pattern and creates a not-boring decor with the color. Shiplap Wall from @my_best_laid_plans

Color Block

Color block is the implementation of varied colors in a part of the decoration including for the wall. Commonly, the colors are stand out to steal the attention. It is great for you who love colors and need something fun for the decoration. You can choose the color concept. The point is, don’t apply the wrong color combination. You can find the references about color combination if it is needed.


The colors chosen for this color block wall are red, orange, peach, and contrasted with the green color. The color block make the decoration look fun yet calming with the green color added. Color Block from @madmacshack

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