Stylish white on white cabinet for your kitchen

The white on white kitchen cabinet is the white kitchen cabinet that is applied on the white kitchen decoration. In this case, the decoration will be all white. Well, it might sound boring to use an all-white color for decoration but for the kitchen, it will help you to create a clean impression. As we all know the kitchen decoration should be clean and sleek as it is the place for you to make healthy foods. By using the white color, all of the dirt and stain will be seen clearly so that it will push you to keep the cleanliness of the kitchen.

Now, let’s focus on the use of the white kitchen cabinet. Since it will be installed on the white kitchen decoration, you should be able to add a little bit of detail so as not to make it look boring and too flat. Also, you may consider the different kinds of cabinet design to give an aesthetic touch. For example, you can have a long vertical kitchen cabinet with drawers on the other sites to create contrast related to the size. Or, you can have the kitchen cabinet with the combination of the doorless ones. Even when all are in white colors, that kind of combination will help you deal with the boring impression. Now, let’s see the following references that you can copy.

Combination of Magnetic Door and Silver Cabinet Door Handle 

This kitchen have two different kinds of cabinet door. The first one is the magnetic one that is installed on the top cabinet site. Then, the bottom cabinet is installed with the silver door handle. It is chosen by matching it with the silver backsplash that the kitchen has. It is great for you who want to create a modern decoration style in the kitchen.

Framed Cabinet Door with Rounded Handle

What is meant by the framed cabinet door is one that has a dimension or texture in the form of frame. The door looks as if it has a frame there. It is such a great idea to make the white cabinet doesn’t be seen as boring. Then, the cabinet doors are added with the rounded handle. The round shape of the handle is chosen to give a different impression since the cabinet door is already has the lines from the framed detail.


Framed Cabinet Door with Rounded Handle from @sandstone_and_sawdust

Gold Color Handle

If you love something luxurious, adding the gold color can be the best choice. It is impossible for you to add the patterns on the cabinet because that will distract the white color on your cabinet. Here, installing the gold color handle is the best solution. There are some different shapes of the handle. You can choose any of them. But, if you want to have a strong luxurious impression, you can choose the long handle design.


Gold Color Handle from @hamptonshome_co

Black Industrial Handle

An industrial style is aesthetic and loved by many people. You can have a touch of industrial style on your kitchen cabinet by installing the black long iron door handle. It is simple but can bring a different impression to your white kitchen. You can see the following kitchen cabinet which matches the countertop color.


Black Industrial Handle from @sarahamesinteriors

Glass Framed Cabinet Door

Installing the glass to the white kitchen cabinet can be a great way not to make the white color look boring. It is a good combination. However, you should be careful because the items inside the cabinet can be seen so you should make it all well-organized. If not, you will make the kitchen untidy and not good at all.

White Marble Background

Having the marble backsplash will help you make the all-white kitchen decoration not boring. Even when you don’t have any details on the cabinet, the decoration will still be proper and not flat. You can still get the aesthetic look in the kitchen. However, you should choose white marble so that the style matches the white concept applied to the kitchen. This one is an example of the use of white marble backsplash.


White Marble Background from @coletteinteriors

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