8 ideas of bedroom tv installation for your best private entertainment

Installing a TV in your bedroom will give you a chance to have private entertainment. You can also spend your quality time in the bedroom without being disturbed by other family members. It will also let you watch Netflix before you sleep. It can’t be doubted that having the TV in the bedroom is so much worth it.

Before purchasing the TV for your bedroom, there are some considerations that you should take. The first one is the size. You should measure the bedroom space or the space left in your bedroom so that you can get the fit one. Also, you may consider the distance between the bed area and the spot where you will install the TV. If the distance is a little bit close, we recommend you purchase the small size TV because if it is too big, it will irritate your eyes.

The next consideration is the installation technique, whether you want to hang it or put it on the table. If you want to hang it, you should find the best TV panel that can fit your bedroom space condition and decor style. Then, if you want to put it on the table, you should find the best table that won’t take up the space. Here we have some ideas for bedroom TV installation that you can follow.

Cabinet/Storage Panel


Cabinet/Storage Panel from @vees_interior_decor

For a small bedroom space, the cabinet/storage panel is the best choice. You can get many functions with that. The first one is of course for its main function which is to hang the TV. Then, the other functions are to use it to store your things such as books, collections, ornament, and even your makeup, and to use it to study or work since the panel has a table. In case you put a mirror there, you can use the panel to dress up. It is great how one item can have so many functions.

Board Panel


Board Panel from @vees_interior_decor

It is true that the board panel is simple since it will only be in the form of a board that functions as a background for the TV. But, the design is really varied as you can choose any design that fits your bedroom decoration style or match your taste. You can see the example above where the board panel has gold lines to give a standout impression around the white and grey room decor.

Vanity Panel


Vanity Panel from @vees_interior_decor

It is really common for us to have a vanity in the bedroom. Look at this vanity TV panel that is functional and doesn’t need too much space. The TV is installed above a table with drawers that can be used to work or study. Then, beside the TV and table area, there is an integrated table with a mirror to dress up and makeup. This one is a really worth-it TV panel.

Fireplace Integrated Panel


Fireplace Integrated Panel from @centurionlv

To have a fireplace in the bedroom is such a blessing. Since the fireplace will be the center of the interest, you can install the integrated panel there to hang your TV. It will be great since the entertaining facility will be in one area and side. This fireplace integrated panel is standout with the shining silver panel color. Applied in the white color scheme decor, the TV panel can make the bedroom not seen as boring.

Mounted TV Media Wall


Mounted TV Media Wall from @feature_walls_and_ceilings

If you love something simple and don’t need any detail at all, this mounted TV media wall is the one that we recommend. Here, the panel is jutting forward so that there is a little bit of dimension not to make the room look boring and flat. One day if you think that the design is already boring, no need to buy a new one because you can simply paint the panel or apply a pattern there.

Lighted Wall Mounted TV


Lighted Wall Mounted TV from @davemanley333

By installing the LED light beside the TV, it will help you to give a pretty touch there. So, even when you don’t use any panel there because of the budget limitation, it will be ok since the TV installation is already adorable. Especially during the night where the light illusion will be seen as prettier. You can use it as your night lamp at once. Choose the lamp color that will support your needs.

Console Table Surface Placement


Console Table Surface Placement from @beachyhairmama

Not only by hanging it, but you can also put the TV on the table or cabinet that you have in the bedroom. This one uses the console table that has storage so that you can have the multi-functions of the console table. In this case, the console table is the right one since it isn’t too wide so that the space can fit the TV really well and not waste the bedroom space at once.

Wooden TV Panel


Wooden TV Panel from @arshiainteriors

Wood material is the most famous material that people use for many decoration needs including for the TV panel. It can give you a welcoming bedroom atmosphere. The wood has a geometric pattern there so that the design won’t be boring but not overserving too.

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