9 spring touches to the decoration for a fresh home atmosphere

After the long cold, dark, and foggy winter, it will be such a great thing to bring colors to your home decoration to welcome the spring season. Spring is when the sun finally shines and the plants grow with some beautiful flowers to color the world. It is too bad not to bring the beauty of spring inside the house. So, make sure that you use this spring moment to bring the colors inside the house and feel the good things grow beautifully.

There are some things that you can do to bring the spring spirit inside the house. The easiest one is to bring the colors. You can look around the environment to find the colors. For example the red colors from roses, the green color from the foliage, the yellow color from the sunflower, the brown color from the seeds, etc. Then, you can also bring the animal theme for spring. Let’s say that you can have a rabbit, butterfly, squirrel, bee, etc. Well, since the plants, flowers, and fruits grow during spring, the animals will also emerge to look for food from nature.

Here, we have 9 spring touches that you can apply to your house. We tried to pick the decoration for each room in the house so that you can get the complete references. Get the ideas below!


It can be said that the porch is the first stop that your guests have when visiting your house. They will be there for a while. Adding some spring touches will be needed. The porch itself can be a narrow one without any seating area or it can have a seating area. If it has a seating area, you should also consider the decoration of the seating area and not only the door area.


Even only in small size, this porch has a seating area on one side of the space that is decorated with yellow and white cushions plus a bucket of yellow flowers. For the door area, there are pots of spring flower arrangements on the floor and the door. The colors are fresh and matching. Porch Decoration from @plaids.and.poppies


The entryway will also be the room where your guests stop to deal with their coats, footwear, hats, and other luggage. That is why it should be considered related to the decoration. Bringing the spring spirit into the entryway can make a good impression on the house. You can apply some items such as the garland, wreath, pots of plants, etc. If you want, you can even make it colorful.


Farmhouse is the theme of this entryway decoration. You can see the spring theme paintings on the wall with the natural wood frames applied. There is also a rattan hanging basket that is used to arrange the flowers for the spring impression. There are still some other flowers added in the decoration that look random but basically, they are arranged with concepts. Entryway Decor from @lavenderbrookfarm

Living Room

From all of the public rooms in the house, it can be said that the living room is the most important one to be decorated well. It is because the guests or even you and your family members will spend time there. Bringing the spring touches to the living room can be done by adding the right theme on the cushions. You can simply change the covers for the cheaper one. Then, you can put some flowers here and there. Or, you can even give more colors in the living room since colors are the point of the spring decoration concept.


With the peach color as the color scheme, this living room be seen as fresh and sweet. You can also see how the brown wood color can match the peach color really well. Even when the additional touches are only in the form of flowers on the table, the spring impression is already there with the peach color scheme applied. Living Room Decor from @carommchic

Dining Room

The dining room is one of the public rooms but not all of the guests need to be there. So, for the dining room decoration, you can be more focused on the personal touches to be applied. It will be okay to do that since the dining room can be more personal than the living room. You can even combine some colors if you want.


Look at how pretty this dining room decoration is. The pink color is really refreshing and steals the attention without being too much. The flowers, candles, and plates are harmonious and match each other. Dining Room Decor from @theholidayhousedecor


The focus on the kitchen decoration is all about the comfort and the good mood that can be created while making good and healthy food. Also, since there will be some appliances around the kitchen, you should make sure that the spring touches that you apply won’t give a crowded impression and won’t limit your movement.


The orange color can be the best choice for the kitchen. It is pretty and stands out so that effective to bring the decor impression without adding too many items. The door is already standout and is combined with the same orange color flowers. Kitchen Decoration from @plaids.and.poppies


As a private space, you can do anything in the bedroom based on your taste and imagination. As long as you are comfortable and you love it, then you can do it. Applying your personal touches as much as you want will be great so that you can enjoy spending your time there. For the spring touches, you can have it for your bedding, blanket, or curtain, or by putting some ornaments such as a garland or wreath.


Floral is the theme of this spring bedroom. the bedding has a floral pattern that matches the flower painting on the wall. Then, there are also some greeneries provided for the fresher ambiance. Bedroom Decor from @hirals_homey_home


Making the bathroom feel fresh is really worth it. It will help you to feel great since the purpose of bathing and showering is to make the body and mind feel fresh. The spring theme will be the matching one for you to get the fresh impression that you need.


The idea of adding buckets of flowers can be a good idea for your spring bathroom. Then, you can also have floral ornament just like what this bathroom has which is by installing the flower painting. Bathroom Decor from @goldenboysandme


Not all of us get the chance to have a yard. Here, the balcony can be the replacement for the yard where you can grow some flowers and put some chairs and a table to make it a patio. With that fact, it is really possible for you to implement seasonal decorations including the spring. It will be quite easy since you can simply put some potted flowers, garlands, or decorative candles.


Pretty is the impression is all I can say when looking at this decoration. This balcony applies the color combination technique with some floral patterns to strengthen the spring impression. Balcony Decor from @mishys_arrtsy_home


The patio will be correlated with the backyard where nature grows beautifully. Here, you can apply a simple spring touch since nature will already serve you with beauty while you spend your time on the patio. You can do the decoration by applying the colors for the furniture or accessories.

Screen shot 2023-12-20 at 12.43.39

This patio has a flower arrangement on the ceiling that looks like a chandelier. Then, there is also a vase of flowers in the corner of the room in the same yellow color. Some of the cushions also have the same yellow color. Patio Decoration from @bridgewaydesigns

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