20 bathroom mirror design references that will be functional yet aesthetic

Although it is not the main item needed for a bathroom, providing a mirror is quite important. Commonly it is installed on the vanity or above the sink. But, you can also have it in other spots to beautify the bathroom decoration. Also, you should know that mirrors can be used to give a wider space impression. In case you have a small bathroom space, choosing the wide mirror can help you deal with the small bathroom space.

When choosing the right mirror for your bathroom, you should adjust it based on your purpose in providing the mirror. It can be for the basic need which is to look yourself in the mirror, to beautify the decoration, or to create an illusion for a spacious room impression. You can have all of the functions at the same time or you may choose one of them.

Anyway, before you decide which mirror you’ll have for your bathroom, you should see the following references that we have provided for you. There are some different kinds of mirrors. The choices are really wide and we can only show you some of them. Hope it can help you to get the best mirror choice for your bathroom.

Lighted Mirror

The lighted mirror is a mirror that has a lamp behind the mirror. The light of the mirror refracts and creates such a pretty look. This kind of mirror is such a multifunctional mirror where you can get the function of a lamp to light up the bathroom and you can use it to help you dress up so that you can see the details of yourself in the mirror. There are some different shapes of the lighted mirror that we want you to see. Check them out below.


Round Lighted Mirror from @bathroom_decor


Abstract Lighted Mirror from @bathroom_decor


Ovale Lighted Mirror from @bathroom_decor

Abstract Shapes

Even though the abstract shapes do not have an exact concept, they can be really aesthetic. The beauty of the mirror comes from the abstract shape itself. However, this kind of abstract mirror mostly doesn’t have a frame. It is simply a mirror that is protected on all the mirror edges so that it won’t hurt you. In this case, the beauty is not in the frame but in the shape.

Screen shot 2023-12-20 at 13.01.30

Abstract Ax Shape Mirror from @bathroom_decor


Abstract Egg Shape Mirror from @bathroom_decor


Indentation Mirror from @bathroom_decor

Farmhouse Style

The farmhouse style is known for its warm impression and its ability to bring a welcoming atmosphere to the room. The farmhouse mirror style will be focused on the frame that is used. The material of the farmhouse mirror frame will be those that come from nature. It can be rattan, wood, bamboo, jute, and other possible natural element materials.


Rattan Mirror from @mstormdesigninspo


Round Wooden Mirror from @farrowandball


Jutting In Wooden Mirror from @farmhouse_desiign


Unfinished Wooden Mirror Frame from @ciarakenaston

Classic Style

The classic style will give you a luxurious impression. With old-style details and certain materials such as gold, iron, or copper, a glorious impression can be made. There are many possible shapes but the point is not on the shape. It is all about the details, the carving, the texture, and the colors.


Classic Pretentious Mirror from @thistle.harvest


Classic Round Shape Mirror from @gagirl_vintagedecor


Classic Oval Shape Mirror from @prettylittleedwardian

Decorative Mirror

The decorative mirror is more flexible. It is all about decorating the frame that can be manufactured or can be made with a DIY project. The decorative mirror will be treated by painting it, adding ornaments, or installing additional items to make it prettier or more aesthetic. You should see the following decorative mirrors ideas to know how unique the mirror can be made.


Painted Mirror from @hgtv


Window Mirror from @palim_tintin


Flower Painted Mirror from @happynestinthetropics


Rope Knitting Mirror from @cha_tessa

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