14 needs for proper bedroom interior design the style and comfort

When doing the decoration for the bedroom, commonly we only focus on the furniture and the color scheme you want to have. In fact, having a perfect bedroom decoration won’t be only about that. The interior aspects are really more than that. There are so many elements that you should consider so that you can get the functionality and the beauty of the decoration. Also, the most important one is the comfort. You should know that the comfort won’t only come from the items that you can function or related to the facilities. In this case, the aspect that can bring a good ambiance will also be able to bring you comfort such as the lighting, the beauty of the ceiling, wall, and even the floor.

Before you think of the plan for decorating your bedroom interior, there are some things that you should where the most important one is to know the main purpose of the bedroom. In this case, the bedroom should be able to be the most comfortable place when you come home after a tiring day of working or studying. To fulfill that need, you have to present your personal touches there. You can display your favorite things such as your collection or idols. Then, you should decide on the concept of the bedroom. Which concept will give you the most comfort? Will it be the ‘back to nature’ concept? Will it be an ethnic concept? Just find one that fits you the most!

Additionally, when you already found the concepts of the bedroom that you really want, here is the guide to help you make your plan in designing your bedroom interior. It will consist of the basic needs of a bedroom with different references to give you choices and inspiration.

The Wall

The wall can be the first thing to be considered when designing your bedroom interior. This is because the wall will be the most exposed part of the room. In this case, you can choose the wall treatment that you want for the bedroom. Of course, it is adjusted with the interior concept you want to apply based on your personal reference. For example, if you want to have a warm natural concept, you can add the slat wood to one part of the wall which will give the room a natural atmosphere effectively. There are still some other possible wall treatments that you can take as follows.

Decorated Wall


It will be quite easy to create a decorative wall. You can simply add some ornaments there or create a wall gallery. The wall gallery can be filled with paintings, personal photos, and even artwork. Decorated Wall from @purbeck.stone



Even when simple and less effort, the wallpaper can really give a big change to the room. However, you should be able to find the right one. You can have the pattern for the wallpaper and adjust it with the design style concept you want to apply. This one has a floral pattern in a warm brown classic color which is really welcoming and able to bring comfort. Wallpaper from @simplyhouseandhome

Wall Mural


The wall mural can be really valuable and gorgeous. But, you have to find a professional to make it because you can’t make a mistake for this. It will be a bit difficult to deal with but so much worth it. Look at how artistic this wall mural will beautify the bedroom effectively. The wall and the bed are harmonious with the same design concept. Wall Mural from @blossomgoodvibes

Textured Wall


There are so many ideas about giving a texture to the wall from the slat wood, brick, stone, and this image is one of the ideas. It brings you to the classic style impression for a warm and calming ambiance. Even when simple, it is worth it. Textured Wall from @alexisandraaustin

The Ceiling

Even when it is not exposed really much, the ceiling can be a focal point with special treatment. You will see it when you are lying. Although it won’t impress other people, since the bedroom is your private room and everything will be about you and your personal taste, then, it will be ok even when people won’t see it. You can choose the ceiling treatment that can make you happy and satisfy yourself. Here are some possible ceiling treatment you can do.

Textured Ceiling

Screen shot 2024-01-10 at 07.41.16

Texture can bring a dimension that will be adorable for your visual interest needs. You can have the textured ceiling for your bedroom with many choices but you should see how pretty this textured ceiling design is. It is shaped like a wave in gold color for a peaceful yet luxurious impression. Textured Ceiling from @aumarchitects

Decorative Light


No one can doubt the beauty of the lighting and the ability to create varied impressions in the room. That is why we recommend you use it also for your bedroom interior. Since there are so many lighting choices, you can choose any of them that satisfy you. You can even do the layering lighting just like what this bedroom ceiling has. Decorative Light from @gruhapravesh



Just like the wall, you can also have the wallpaper for your ceiling. For this, the sky or the stary wallpaper theme will be the best one so that you can feel as if you are staring at the sky outside. The stars and the moon will make your night perfect. Wallpaper from @the_indoor_story

The Floor

After the wall and the ceiling, it’s time for you to focus on the floor. Well, not all people are concerned about the floor but it can make such a big difference if you apply something valuable there. For the floor treatment, it doesn’t always mean that you should change the tiles but you can do other treatments to beautify the floor and to change the design impression such as adding a rug or carpet.

Aesthetic Pattern


Choosing the best tiles or ceramics is a must before you install it so that you won’t regret anything. The aesthetic pattern can be your consideration. The aesthetic one can be timeless as long as you don’t choose the one just based on the trend so that you don’t need to worry about being out of date. This tile is an example of the aesthetic pattern that you can choose. Patterned Floor from @bytheriverside.in

Unique Arrangement


Even when the tile design that you choose is simple, but when you can find a good arrangement for the tile, then your floor can be seen as adorable. The herringbone arrangement just like what we have here is quite popular and worth having. Unique Tile Arrangement from @bohemian_decors

Add with Rug


The rug is the simplest one! You can even change it periodically when you think that the design is already boring. Compared with tile changing, rug changing will be so much easier, cheaper, and simpler. This one is the most recommended! Bed Floor Rug from @creativecornerbyanuja

The Furniture

Your bedroom won’t function well without any furniture. Basically, the bedroom won’t need too much furniture. You just have to fill the room with the main furniture that the bedroom must have. In choosing the right furniture, you can consider the size, the style, and the functionality. Here are pieces of furniture that you should prepare for your bedroom.



For the bed, make sure that you choose the most comfortable mattress because it is the key to your comfort. Then, add it with the soft bedding and blanket. Bed from @lacasadelucas



In case you want to study or work a little bit in your bedroom, then providing a desk is important. It will give you an extra facility for your bedroom. Desk from @i.tam.i.tu



Vanity will be important for women. However, it doesn’t mean that the men can’t have it. For the vanity, you should make sure to add the proper lighting so that you can use it maximally. Vanity from @deqoa_

Side Table


The side table will be placed beside the bed. It is useful to put things that you need to put or take fast while laying on the bed such as books, glasses, or gadgets. You can also use the vanity to put your table lamp. Side Table from @architect_shima

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