7 startling ideas to decorate the top part of your kitchen cabinet

Decorating the top part of the kitchen cabinet is the easiest way to beautify the kitchen decoration without making the kitchen area look crowded. It will be a great solution for those who have a small kitchen space. The decoration that is placed on the top part of the kitchen cabinet won’t interrupt the space on the kitchen island, countertop, or floor so it won’t make the room look crowded.

In putting the ornament on the top part of the kitchen cabinet, you can simply use the space on it naturally. Or, there are even some people who customize their kitchen cabinets to have the shape or space on them to put the ornaments. It is interesting how the small narrow space can be utilized to beautify the kitchen decoration.

Anyway, to decorate the top part of the kitchen cabinet, you should make sure to install the kitchen cabinet carefully. You should measure the space between the ceiling and the kitchen cabinet so that it can be spacious enough for the ornament or things you want to display. Related to that, if you have the will to use the top part of the kitchen cabinet to display the ornaments or whatever it is, you should consider it well about the items you want to display before you install the kitchen cabinet so that it won’t give you any trouble.

We have some ideas for the top part of the kitchen cabinet ornament placement. The kinds of ornament will be different and the types of the cabinet are different too. We are happy to share ideas and let you maximize the space well so that you can have functional and aesthetic kitchen decoration. Here there are ideas.


The silver ornament in fruit shape makes the kitchen look fresh. The theme will also be harmonious with the kitchen since it is related to kinds of food. Another interesting thing is that the color which is silver will be able to bring a luxurious impression. Even when simple and only in a small part the decoration feels enough with the right treatment. Silver Ornament from @roseartanddecor


The decoration looks random with things added on the top part of the cabinet. You might also think that those items are not decorations but that is just the utilization of the spot to put appliances. However, if you see the items, those are the old classic items with the artistic impression. Yes! those items are put there for decorative reasons. You can see how the items can elevate the kitchen decor impression. Old Classic Items from @lisa_loves_vintage


This kitchen has a sweet floral theme with the pink refrigerator and the floral wallpaper being applied. Then, the floral garland on the top part of the kitchen cabinet looks really harmonious with the decoration around the kitchen. Although the garland comes in a small part and not that long because the cabinet is also only small, but the design of the garland makes it possible to make it have its best performance. Floral Garland from @angelvintageinteriors


If you want a fresh impression, having the greenery that is installed like a garland is the best one. You can make your kitchen look really fresh and give you an impression as if you are cooking in the garden. For this project, we recommend you choose the vines so that they can stick out beautifully. Greenery from @nataliedoef


Something magical can also be proper for the kitchen. If you want it, you can install the fairy light on the top part of the kitchen cabinet. It will let your kitchen light up during the night and feel so magical. This kitchen not only installs the fairy light but also adds it with some other ornaments to beautify the decoration. Fairy Light from @vickys.home_


A tropical impression will make the room feel fresh and fun. This kitchen decorates the top part of the kitchen cabinet by using pots of succulents. It can also be the best choice for the kitchen cabinet since the succulent will need low maintenance only. You don’t need to worry about watering it every day. The succulents will also easy to grow and have a low possibility of dying. Succulent from @happynestinthetropics


By having the combination of the plants and the ornament, you will get both beauty and a fresh atmosphere from nature. You can see in the picture here that the top part of the cabinet is seen as adorable, fresh, and aesthetic. You can put varied combinations of the plants. But, be careful to choose the right one that won’t give you trouble. Choose only the low-maintenance plants and easy-to-grow plants. Plants and Ornament Combination from @bohemiandecor

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