7 aesthetic scandinavian lighting design references to beautify your home decor

Scandinavian design is known for its timeless characteristics. For the lighting itself, the Scandinavian design has its best quality. The Scandinavian lighting itself comes in the form of table lamps, floor lamps, and pendant lamps. The kinds are quite varied and can fulfill the needs of lighting for any room of your house. If you look at the design of the Scandinavian lighting, it mostly has a clean line and focuses on the warm character. The light diffuses and feels more like candlelight than the neon lighting. That becomes the reason why the Scandinavian lighting has a warm character.

For the style of the shape, Scandinavian lighting has a modern impression with its clean line. It also uses the black and white color as the domination which is similar to the modern design. However, the Scandinavian lighting is way more eccentric with its design variation. Even when most of the designs are simple and minimalist, but some others are unique and eccentric with the layering and indentation.

Basically, there are so many Scandinavian lighting designs available, but we have some designs that are mostly loved and chosen by people to beautify their home decorations. The installation of the Scandinavian lighting won’t only be for the Scandinavian house design. You can install it for whatever design style you have in your house to bring an aesthetic impression to the decoration. Well, it can’t be doubted that Scandinavian lighting designs are aesthetic. Here are the most popular Scandinavian lighting designs that you can choose.

White Drum Pendant

The white drum pendant is a simple and minimalist one. It has a round shape in white color. You can match it with your minimalist home decor or the modern one. This kind of lighting is easy and not expensive. It can be the best choice for you who have a budget limitation.


This one is an example of the simple Scandinavian lighting. It is applied to the bedroom as if it is a chandelier. The design is simple and can be a perfect fit for the bed area decoration that uses patterns and is a little bit crowded. White Drum Pendant from @pikeproperties

 Black Metal Floor Lamp

Simple, modern, and traditional are the design impressions of this lamp. This one is the favorite one and many people use it for their homes. Not only to light up the room, this floor lamp can also beautify the decoration. It has a sleek line and aesthetic shape.


Look at how aesthetic this floor lamp is. It is installed in the living room near the sofa. You can also install it for your reading nook or home office. The curve is simple but can have a big impact on the aesthetic look. Black Metal Floor Lamp from @madamehomely

Panthella Table Lamp

This one is the timeless and iconic Scandinavian lamp design. The design is inspired by its organic and sculptural shape. The light shade reflects the light downwards creating a glow for the cozy and soft atmosphere.


The panthella table lamp is used to beautify the decoration of the console table. It is perfect for the entryway or living room. Or, you can even have it for your bathroom as you can put it on the vanity. Panthella Table Lamp from @vinterior

Louis Poulsen AJ Wall Sconce

The design of this wall sconce is minimalist. It is also versatile giving the lamp its aesthetic characteristics. You can install it indoors and outdoors. The lamp has a warm characteristic, and can diffuse the light that casts shadows on the wall behind.


Look at how aesthetic this wall sconce. It has a red color with a yellow dim light with a pretty illuminate type. This wall sconce is installed in the study room. If you want, you can have it for your exterior and install it on the porch. Louis Poulsen AJ Wall Sconce from @rum_id

Louis Poulsen PH Artichoke

Just like its name, this lamp has the shape of an artichoke. Can you imagine how unique this lamp can be? There will be layers that create dimension to bring the adorable effect of the light. The value will be high and make your decoration have a high value.


This kind of lighting can be perfect for the dining room. You can see it in this image. It beautifies the dining room without any effort. The layer of the lamp is able to bring the dimension which is adorable. Louis Poulsen PH Artichoke from @danish.design.classics

Oluce Atollo Glass Table Lamp

This kind of lamp becomes the one that has a minimalist impression. At the same time, it is really stylish but still functional for sure. The design of the lamp allows light to radiate outward in all directions.


Look at the shape of this lamp which is quite similar to the panthella lamp. However, if you see it more, this lamp has more standpoint that makes it sleek and minimalist. You can put it on the console table, side table, or desk in your study room. Oluce Atollo Glass Table Lamp from @vntg.design

White Louis Poulsen PH5 Pendant

It is perfect for those who love a traditional Scandinavian look. Well, not all people love simplicity and this one can be the perfect choice. It serves you with a warm traditional impression, stylish look, functional, and not overserving. Such a great combination!


This kind of lighting can be a great addition to the dining room, reading nook, bedroom, or living room. It has a unique design where the traditional and minimalist characters come together in one product. White Louis Poulsen PH5 Pendant from @agofstore

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