8 guides to bring nancy meyers aesthetic interior to your home

When we are looking for a comfortable and warm house impression, mostly we will choose a farmhouse or coastal decoration style. But, these days people are interested in what Nancy Meyers brings. The home decoration and the interior design set for the movie give us the feeling of a real home which is homey. It is great how the Nancy Meyers home set can embrace all the little things around and make the house feel like home. That is why the Nancy Meyers home design is loved by many people as they want to copy it.

Basically, when talking about the Nancy Meyers home, it will be focused on the comfortable side where the house is really calm and collected. There will be some items provided such as the French door with its classic characteristic for the welcoming impression, the tossed pillows, fresh flowers, and the sunlight that enters the house. Don’t forget to also bring personal comfort into the decoration that will make the decoration able to represent your perspective of comfort.

Additionally, it can be said that Nancy Meyers’s home is aesthetic. It comes from the coastal grandmother design touches that it has. We call it a ‘grandmother’ design because it brings us to the nostalgic feeling with the comfort of the grandmother era. Then, it is combined with the coastal touches for a cozy and fresh atmosphere. You should see the following references of the Nancy Meyers home design and start to make the plan for your own home decoration by adjusting or copying the references we shared.

Window Wall

The window wall is exactly a wall but in the form of big windows with a frame. It will let the natural sunlight enter the house. You will also be able to see the scenery outside. It will be great especially when you have a yard or you live in an area with a good environment.


This window wall is made with a white frame and black handle. You can see how this window wall is not boring at all with the frame added. It might be boring when there is no frame being added. Window Wall from @longocustombuilders

French Door

The French door will be a good pair with the window wall. But, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have it for a house with a common wall. In case you have it for the window wall, then the look will be harmonious since it has the same design.


The French door here is installed for the common concrete wall. Look at how it can still seen as aesthetic. It brings you to the old days in your grandma’s house. French Door from @riversidemillworkgroup

Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers won’t only be beautiful but can also make the room feel fresh and adorable. It is true that the artificial flowers will stay longer and won’t need too difficult maintenance. But, you should see how the Nancy Meyers home brings the real flowers and makes the room way more adorable and impressive.


Orchids are one of the flowers that can stay longer when being displayed indoors. This one orchid is pretty and has a high value. It is kind of a good addition to your Nancy Meyers home. Fresh Flowers from @longocustombuilders

Bowls of Fruit

It can be said that bowls of fruits are things that are being provided in a Nancy Meyers home. Commonly, it is located in the kitchen, but you can also have it in any room that you think you need it. Let’s say that you can have it in the dining room or living room.


There is a glass bowl in the kitchen in a clear glass material. It can be the aesthetic one since you can see the whole oranges in the bowl. Bowls of Fruit from @longocustombuilders

Natural Light

Nancy Meyers’s home is all about natural lighting. So, if you want to have this home design style, then you should make the house have access to natural light to enter the house. As we have mentioned before, Nancy Mayers’s home uses a window wall and it can be the means for you to have natural light entering the house.


This house has a unique window wall. You can see it from the frames. This window wall is provided to let the natural light enter the house. Natural Light from @carrierandco

Tossed Pillow

The tossed pillow is provided to create comfort in the house. It will be really great to sit or to lay surrounded by a tossed pillow here and there. You can put the tossed pillow on the sofa, rug, bed, daybed, or even swing.


There are so many pillows put on the sofa and chairs. The pillows are in different sizes and colors for the variation not make the decoration look boring. Tossed Pillow from @marnieoursler

Climbing Vines

Climbing vines won’t only be able to bring fresh greenery inside the house but it can bring you to the old era where the vines are common to be provided in the house. It can’t be planted with trellis or you can have it on the wall.


Look at how adorable the impression of this decoration with the vines on the wall. The vines have no flowers but the green color that covers the wall is already enough to create a fresh and aesthetic look. Climbing Vines from @greenerynyc

Rustles the Curtain

The rustles of the curtain become a character of Nancy Meyers’s home. To have that, you should be able to choose the right curtain that can make the curtain move easily when the wind blows. It will be such a pretty one to see the curtain move.


This curtain is in white with a coastal look. It has a green mint foliage pattern that makes it look gorgeous and soft at the same time. The curtain material is flowy which makes it possible to move easily when the wind blows. Rustles the Curtain from @thepureedit

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