Garden ideas how to get an aesthetic garden impression

Creating a garden landscape is interesting and has its own challenges. Well, don’t think that it will be only about choosing the plants and the spots to grow the plants. If you want to make it look aesthetic, then there will be surely other things that you should consider. Also, you should remember that the garden won’t be only a garden because when you have a spacious space, then we recommend you to have a patio. The patio will be really functional for you to spend your free time there. Spending your free time on the patio with a pretty garden will be really peaceful and calming. Before we move to references to aesthetic garden design, let’s analyze the things that you should consider when decorating a garden.

  1. The plants
  2. The path
  3. The fence/hedge
  4. The water fountain
  5. The pond
  6. The Planter
  7. The furniture
  8. The lighting
  9. The shade

Those things are needed to decide on what kind of garden concept you want to have. After you have known the concept, now, let’s divide the decoration into the garden area and the patio area. The references will give you some advice before you start to decorate the garden.

Garden Area

The garden area will mostly deal with the plants. then, related to the plants, there must be pots, garden beds, or any media you want to use to grow the plants. Then, you will also deal with the path, fence, water fountain, or pond. You can also apply the design style concept for the garden to get the aesthetic side of the garden.


Water features can always make the garden feel more natural and calming. For the pond, you can have fish there for a more interesting garden design. The pond can be added with statues and plants around it to give a more aesthetic impression. Garden with Pond from @purplefairynat


The fence will give you extra safety and privacy. This one is the wooden fence that covers the garden on a high wall. This one is great for you who live in a risky area. Garden Fence from @gardeningindeed


The flowy shape can be really special and give an aesthetic impression. You can see in this garden that it is not only the landscape but also the furniture, the path, and the garden bed that is in flowy shapes. Flowy Shape Landscape from @just.south.of.the.cotswolds


There are two kinds of garden paths in this garden. The first one is the wooden material and the second one is the concrete path with gravel around. Garden Path from @hagen_til_gro


There are varied plants in this garden and the planter is also varied. There are pots, garden beds, and plants that are planted in the ground. Plants from @urbanlandscapedesignltd

Patio Area

For the patio, you can apply the decoration as if you decorate your indoor space. It is possible for you to have the furniture, ornament, lighting, and other additional facilities that you need such as a firepit. Here are the ideas for you.


This patio design is simple. It has an industrial touch with the concrete material used for the bench and path. Even when simple, this patio is aesthetic with its simplicity. The white flower vines behind the bench are pretty and the firepit located in the center of the patio adds the aesthetic impression of the decoration. Simple Industrial Patio from @house.on.cambridge


If you want to be able to use the patio no matter what the season and weather is, this kind of patio is the best choice you can take. It has a close connection to the garden, easy to access, but still protected since it has a wall and roof. Close Connection Garden Patio from @co_architecture_au


This patio is perfect for the summer patio. You can feel the air, the wind, and the warm sunlight exposing your body. It can be such a great day to spend your time there during summer. The table in the center of the patio is the aesthetic one with an old style and multifunctional one. Open Space Patio from @gardenslondon


It is great how the patio has two parts, those are the outdoor and indoor. You can go outdoors when you need the sun and you can go inside when you need to take shelter. Two in One Patio from @makingahousesparkle


The sunshade that can be opened and closed is the best choice you can have for your patio. It can be really flexible and can be used based on your needs. You can have it for any season and weather. Patio Sun Shade from @the_lee_bees_home

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