9 best tips to create a modern home decor

Modern people who live in the town choose to have a modern design style for their houses with minimalist designs to get a simpler home impression. The simple home design will calm down their mind after a busy day. Honestly, this is one of the most recommended home design concepts that we recommend. No need to worry in case you love colors or pretty things because they can be adjusted. You add a touch of other design styles that you want wisely. It means that you have to consider the portion so that it won’t damage the essentials of the modern design itself.

Anyway, talking about the modern decoration concept, there are some things that you can master which are the basic concepts of modern design those are:

  • the feeling of the house should be airy and lighted so that you can get the freedom of the space
  • the furnishing should be streamlined and straight
  • the use of the neutral color scheme
  • the mix of natural materials such as wood, wool, leather, and metal
  • the natural light

Those are the main principles of the modern home design. If you ask about what will the modern home be, then those are the characteristics that you will get. Now, we want to share some tips for you to give you ease in implementing the modern design to your house. You can do that by implementing these tips:

Modern Lighting

Lighting is an important aspect to be provided in the house. It can even bring the design characteristic to the house no matter what kind of design you want to present. In this case, modern lighting will play an important role too in creating a modern character.


The lighting is simple in white color. The shape is also geometric which characterizes the modern design really well. Modern Lighting from @sonnemanlight

Mixed Furniture

What is meant by mixed furniture here is about bringing the natural element into the furniture. However, the design concept should be clear where the modern impression should be more dominant than the natural material that commonly brings a farmhouse or rustic design impression. Here, the natural element will be beneficial not make the decoration look rigid and boring.


In geometric shape, this coffee table is simple yet aesthetic. The material of the table is mixed between the wood material and the marble material. The color is black and white which is really great and aesthetic for the modern coffee table. Mixed Furniture from @fantasyhouse_furniture

Modern Wall Gallery

A modern home design will also bring something aesthetic to the room. Even when modern characteristics are simple, it doesn’t mean that the design doesn’t bring the aesthetic side to the room. Besides providing one or two pieces of artwork, the modern home design also likes to present a wall gallery. You should choose the right products for this so that you can get the right impression.


This wall gallery presents abstract paintings with lines that can be a good match for modern home design. By simply presenting this wall gallery, you can make your modern home aesthetic and not boring at all. Modern Wall Gallery from @lila_walldeco

Airy Design

If you want to create a modern home design, we recommend you have an airy design. It becomes the characteristic of modern design where it lets the room be simple and airy so that there won’t be any crowded impression that makes the mind stressed.


This house is designed with an airy concept where there are big windows, glass doors, and a high ceiling. With that kind of decoration, you can get an airy home design where the air can flow smoothly. Airy Design from @d_design_corner

Open Concept

An open-concept decoration will let you have a simple home without the divider and a wider home space. Commonly, a modern home design will use this kind of decoration concept to bring simplicity.


With simple furniture and minimal items provided, this room implements the open concept decor. It means that you can have many rooms located in one space. This one has the living room and the dining room in one space. Open Concept Decor from @softervolumes

Geometric Application

When talking about patterns, even when modern decoration uses minimum patterns, the pattern is still applied sometimes. Of all of the possible patterns, the geometric pattern is the most usual one. It is because the geometric pattern represents something modern, simple, sleek, and futuristic.


The geometric pattern is provided on the rug and the wall. The color is black, grey, and white with simple lines that make the decoration look simple yet aesthetic. Geometric Application from @bestofbharat

Clean Lines

A clean line is really important for the modern design. There won’t be any so-so design. There should be a clear limit for any of the things being applied in the decoration. If you want a flowy one, we recommend you minimize the implementation of it.


This bedroom has a black and white color that is applied with the clean line design. The decoration being applied can characterize the modern design really well. You can see the impact of the clean lines design that can make the decoration look simple and minimalist. Clean Lines Decor from @lisaspollock

Neutral Color Scheme

The color scheme is the first thing that you should decide in decorating your house. For the modern design, the colors that you can use the neutral colors such as white, black, or grey.


The colors being applied in this modern house are black, white, grey, and brown. All of those colors are neutral that you can use if you want to create a modern house. Neutral Color Scheme from @restless.arch

Minimal Design

Don’t be too much! You should be able to create a minimal design by minimizing the supply of decorative things. The design of things such as furniture, ornament, artwork, and any of them should be also minimal.


This modern house is simple with a minimal design. The ornament is limited and the color is monochrome for a simpler impression. Minimal Design from @classy____homes

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