8 interesting kitchen shelf designs you should know

Not only the kitchen cabinet, you will also need a shelf in the kitchen to store or display things. The characteristics of the cabinet and shelf are different even when as a whole, the function is the same. In this case, you can have both the kitchen cabinet and shelf so that you can complete your needs in storing things. Before we move, let’s talk about the difference between cabinets and shelves.

Kitchen Cabinet: It has doors so that things that you store there will be covered. It is beneficial so that the items will be dust-free and protected from the pest. The weakness is that you will need effort to put the items. Also, it can’t be used to display your collection or something that you are proud of.

Kitchen Shelf: Not like the kitchen cabinet, the kitchen shelf doesn’t have any door or cover. It will let you display things that you are proud of such as your plate collection. In case you use the shelf to store the spices or food stock, it will be easier for you to take them. Also, since the shelf is in open form, it will let you who have a small kitchen space get a wider space impression.

Kinds of Kitchen Shelf

Even when the shelf will be in the shape of a pallet to store things, you should know the kitchen shelf can be surely varied. It has different styles, materials, and variations for the additional facility being added. We will show you some of them so that you can decide which shelf will be perfect for your kitchen considering the kitchen space and conditions. Here are the kinds of kitchen shelves you can have.

Modular Shelf

The modular shelf can be a mix of the open shelving and the closed ones. The closed or covered shelf here is provided because of the space condition in the kitchen. It will be the most flexible design choice you can make. Commonly, it is used for those who have a small kitchen space.


The shelf is a combination of covered and uncovered. The type is adjusted with the space condition of the kitchen so that it could be really functional and useful. Modular Shelf from @boxco.studio

Open Pantry Shelf

For the pantry, commonly it has an open shelf design. This is because there will be many things stored there from snacks, food stocks, and the beverage. The open shelf design will make it easier for you to put or take things without being exhausted.


This one is the shelf for the pantry. It has many separators to classify the items that are stored there. The design is simple so that it won’t make the decoration look narrow. Open Pantry Shelf from @farmhouse__lovers

Rustic Wood

Even when people have a modern kitchen design, the use of rustic wood material is really common. The rustic wood has a warm and welcoming impression to make the decoration feel great. Even more, the rustic wood has a special natural look that will make it aesthetic.


The design of the rustic wood shelf is really simple. It is simply wood pallets that are installed on the wall. The aesthetic side comes from the natural look, pattern, and texture of the wood itself. Rustic Wood from @thespruceofficial

Glass Shelf

The glass shelf might be more risky than the other because it can be cracked or broken easily. However, it has such a sleek and clean impression that you can’t get from other materials. You may have it framed or without frame just based on the impression you want to create.


When the glass is commonly boring with its simple and plain look, this glass shelf is totally different. It has an aesthetic impression with the design and the additional material applied. Glass Shelf from @jeremiahbrent

Mixed Material

For an aesthetic look and to fulfill your need for a product impression, using the mixed material shelf can be a solution for you. You can choose the material based on the design impression you want to create. For example, you can have wood material combined with metal.


The mixed material in this kitchen shelf is a combination of wood and metal. It can be used for the Scandinavian decor, farmhouse, or industrial. Mixed Material from @our_kentish_barn

Simple Modern Style

For those who love simplicity and have a space limitation, choosing the simple modern design is the best recommendation we can give. No need to worry about being boring because modern design can also have its aesthetic look for sure. Even the black or dark grey color have their own aesthetic characteristic.


The shelf is in a unique shape but still simple and minimalist which makes it perfect for the modern design. The color is all-black without any pattern or details to maintain its modern impression. Modern Shelf from @jayne.s.davies

Shelf with Hook

If you want something multi-functional, you can have a shelf with hooks. You can function the shelf as the common shelf and you can function the hook as the additional facility of the shelf. You can use the hook to hang cups, napkins, and anything!


The hooks are installed under the rack. It can be a multi-functional one where you have a rack to put the things and you can use the hook to hang cups, tissues, or pots. Shelf with Hook from @thehousewiththepinkbed

Built In Shelf

The built-in shelf won’t be as flexible as the others. You can’t install and uninstall it anytime you want because it will need a big effort. However, it has a certain beauty and uniqueness that you can’t get from other shelves.


The built-in shelf is the one that is installed together with other parts of the kitchen and it won’t be removable. In this kitchen, the shelf is integrated with the countertop and backsplash. Built-In Shelf from @kimberleyharrisoninteriors

So, which shelf design fits your taste and your kitchen condition the most? You might be inspired or confused by all of the choices. Well, if you are confused, you can simply choose the one by considering your kitchen space and the design applied.

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