9 innovative office space designs for creative and productive ambiance

The productivity of the workers won’t be only influenced by their capability and skill but also by the proper working ambiance which is influenced by the office interior and decoration. A good ambiance can be provided by the aesthetic decor and the comfortable furniture that is provided in the office. Then, there should be a balance between the interior items and the facilities.

In deciding the best office decoration concept, it should be based on the field that the company does. It is because each job needs its own focus and ambiance. For example, if the company does something that should be dealt with formally and seriously, then you should create a simple yet warm and comfortable ambiance in the room. To get the right ambiance, you should know well on things that the company does and the ambiance that the workers need.

Since creating the best office environment is important to keep the workers motivated, then here we are going to show you the innovative designs that will fulfill your needs for an office design. The point of view will be all about the comfort of the workers. Here are the ideas!

Implementing Texture

The texture is amazingly can bring such a great atmosphere into the room. It will give a dimension effect that will impulse the creative mind to work best. Also, the textures are aesthetic with varied characteristics so that you’ll find it interesting to create a good mood in the office. For the implementation, you can have the texture on the wall that is paired with some artwork for a high-value impression and to increase the worker’s mood.


The textured wall is made by using the red brick. Then the other sides of the wall are made to be uneven which creates dimension for the aesthetic impression. Textured Wall from @foaidindia.in

Balance the Impression

For effective work, you should also be able to create an effective office design. It means that you can make it overserving with many items provided there. Here, we are not only talking about the ornament or other pretty things that you provide in the office. But, it will also be about the furniture design that you provide for the workers such as the desk. You should be able to choose the right design based on the kinds of jobs that the workers will do. It might be different from one to another company. In this case, the point is on its function not on the beauty.

Besides its function, remember that you should also consider the space. Make sure that the existence of the desk and other furniture won’t limit the movement. Also, think about the effectiveness of the furniture that you provide. Don’t ever let it make the workers lose their productivity.


This office decor arrangement is really adorable. It has a great furniture design with effective space utilization. Then, each of the tables is added with the greenery for a fresh impression. The color scheme being applied is neutral for a simple and effective impression. Balance Decoration from @architecturedesign.in

Splash of Colors

Even when the design of the office should be simple and not overserving, it is also important to bring the colors even when in a small portion. We call it a splash of colors. It is functional to at least bring the energy into the room in its best portion. In this case, you may choose the vibrant color that can characterize the decoration and suit the aura of the working area. It is possible to blend the vibrant color with the neutral calm background color without making distractions for the workers.


The yellow color is applied on the part of the chairs and door. The portion is really enough and fit which will make the decoration not too much but not boring. This one is a great definition of a splash of color. Yellow Splash Color from @leylaa__asgarii


Here, the splash of color is applied to some big items such as the door and the wall. It is not is small item but the portion is still really proper since the room looks really wide. Green Splash Color from @inclinedstudio

Bring the Nature

It is the best thing that we can do in any decoration project that we have. Bringing nature is the key to the best room atmosphere including for the office. It will let the workers get a positive and relaxed atmosphere which is best to maintain their productivity. In such a positive atmosphere, we can focus on things that require attention.

To bring nature inside the office, you do it by providing some plants in the corners of the office. Or, you can also put a small plant such as a succulent on each of the desks. It will be an effective one to increase the workers’ mood.


Without any doubt, we can say that this room is really fresh and able to increase the mood. The greenery is planted in such a massive part but not overserving at all. You can see it on the wall, ceiling, and table. Greenery from @leylaa__asgarii

Transparent Glass Room Divider

Transparency is quite important for an office. It even becomes a core value for a company. To reach the transparency, you can install the glass material for the room divider. It will let all of the workers see each other activities so that everything can be controlled and no one tries to be lazy. The workers will be productive and work as efficiently as possible. Besides, the transparent decoration can be an aesthetic one that can be mixed/combined with other materials to beautify the design. You may also add some details so as not to make it look boring.


Even when the office has many rooms and is divided into many parts, it is still really accessible and the activities in all rooms can be seen. This one is a great way to create a conducive room with good transparency. Transparent Doors and Walls from @leylaa__asgarii


There is an indentation on the transparent wall that is installed. It makes the office not only achieve its transparency but also its aesthetic side. Unique Transparent Room Shape from @udesign_architecture

Playing with Shapes

The shapes in an interior design represent creativity. That is why we recommend it for office decor. When the creativity ambiance is already presented in the room, the workers there will feel the energy and impulse their creativity automatically. Well, there will be so many possible shapes that you can apply to the room such as the diagonal shapes. Trust me it will be aesthetic and unique.


The uniqueness comes from the desk leg design that even when the color is only white it looks aesthetic and unique for sure. The color and the shape being applied have a great balance that can be a good inspiration for your office. Unique Furniture Shape from @edc__architects


There are many geometric shapes being applied. You can see it on the wall cabinet, ceiling lamps, and even the paintings on the wall are in lines and geometric designs. Geometric Shapes from @nour.aljabrii


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