Grill station 7 recommended designs for the outdoor space

If you have a wide space left outside which is the backyard, we recommend you to have the grill station. It will be such a good addition to the backyard so that you can enjoy your outdoor moment in the right weather with your family and close friends. However, have you got detailed ideas about providing the grill station in your backyard? There must be other elements that you should provide to support the grill station. There will be also other activities that you’ll do in the backyard while grilling. So, you should know well about the best designs that you can have for your grill station.

Besides the design, there are also some considerations that you should take before you install the grill station. The first one is the location where you will build the grill station. Then, how the grill station will be built. The last one is about the surrounding conditions where you will build the grill station. You should make sure that you fulfill the safety rules also so that it won’t give you trouble in the future.

Here are the grill station designs that you can copy:

Added with Rotisserie

A grill station that has a rotisserie in one set will be really great. You can use it for rotisserie chicken, cooking up hot dogs and hamburgers. Those menus are the favorite ones that the kids and all family members love. That is why, having this kind of complete grill station with the rotisserie gives you many benefits.


The rotisserie comes in one set with the grill station. You can even cook some menus together. The design is really modern and simple. Such an interesting one! Rotisserie from @outdoorconceptsnz

Brick Surround the Grill Station

The brick is really popular to be added to the grill station. It is useful to create such an aesthetic one where the brick can bring you a nostalgic impression of the area. Also, the brick can muffle the hot temperature of the grill station for a saver station.


The brick is grey to make it look harmonious with the station color. Anyway, if you need a contrast, you can use the red brick color where it will be more stand out at once. Brick Grill Station from @gardenstudiodesign

Freestanding Grill Station

If it is impossible for you to have the built-in station or, you don’t want it to be in a form of built-in type because you think of the redecoration project you may do to the area, then having the freestanding grill station is the solution for you. You can even have a mobile grill station where you can move it anywhere you want.


This freestanding grill standing station has wheels that will let you move it anywhere you want. You can also keep it inside when the weather is bad. Look at how effective and efficient this grill station can be. Freestanding Grill Station from @brandsoutlet_escazu

Added with Pizza Oven

Enjoying the spring and summer outside while grilling with your family and friends is really great. It will be even greater if you have a pizza oven on your grill station. Making your own pizza won’t be that difficult and making it with the kids must be really fun. Consider having a pizza oven on your grill station at once for a more fun outdoor moment.


The pizza oven is right beside the grill station and it is a bit huge. The design is really interesting and brings a classic impression. You can function it and use it to beautify the decoration with its design. Pizza Oven from @stoneagemfg

Added with Bar

A perfect pair for the grill station is a bar. It will be fun to enjoy the food and beverage at once. That is why, when building a grill station, we do recommend you to have the bar at once. Have a small refrigerator and you’ll get a perfect moment with your family and friends.


The grill station is in an ‘L’ shape where the bar is on another side of the grill station making both stations easy to reach. The bar has a small refrigerator to keep the beverage fresh and cool. Outdoor Bar from @regal_lc

Grill Station Lighting

Lighting is really important because you will do the activity there not only during the day but also at night. Since you will deal with a fire or something hot, you should make sure to install good lighting so that you can see everything clearly for safety reasons. Installing the lighting right above the grill station is the most recommended one.


This one is a kind of track lighting that is installed right above the grill station. The lamps are installed above all parts of the station making it possible enough for you to see clearly in all parts of the area. Lighting from @fifthseasonlandscapes

Grill Station Roofing

It can’t be doubted that the roofing is really important. It can be used to cover the grill station from bad weather and dust or bugs. We do really recommend you to have the roof to cover the frill station. It can be the permanent one or the impermanent one, the point is that your grill station is being covered.


This one is a kind of grill station with a foldable roof. The roof can be folded to cover the grill station just like a cabinet. It is the best product ever that will make the grill station more durable. Station Grill Roofing from @madebytait

All the ideas that we have shared are the things or facilities that you can add to your grill station. You can choose the one based on your favorite activities that you commonly do outside.

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