7 ways to incorporate tv to your modern room decor

Even when everything is already accessible by only using your phone, but the existence of the television is still needed. It will be functional so that you can have a wider screen while watching Netflix or whatever it is. By having a TV, you can also enjoy the moment by watching a movie together with your family and friends. Or, you can even play games together by using the TV screen. That will be really fun and memorable.

Anyway, related to these days where the decoration is mostly modern, we should be able to incorporate the television itself into the modern decoration so that the design will be harmonious and fit properly. To make the television installation more unique and not boring, you can do some treatments that could be by installing a unique TV panel or by adding some aesthetic touches there. However, you should remember that the television will be installed in a modern room design so that you can’t be too much. Modern decoration brings minimalism as its basic concept so you should also adjust the installation of the television to follow the minimalist concept that the modern design has.

We have 7 creative ways that you can follow to incorporate the television into a modern room design. It will be related to some aspects that are commonly considered when installing the television that will be adjusted with the modern design concept. Here are the ideas.

Multi-functional TV Panel

Modern room decoration adopts the minimalist where everything should be effective and functional. That is why we recommend you have a multi-functional TV panel to make it more functional and effective for sure. Here is an example of a multi-functional TV panel that you can have.


The TV panel is floating with a fireplace under it. It is functional to be a room divider also. The shape and the design with a transparent fireplace cover make it proper for a small space not to make it look narrow with the divider. Multi-Functional TV Panel from @linda_studioliv

Install it Near the Fireplace

Enjoying the moment with family or close friends won’t be more comfortable as if when it is done near the fireplace. The fireplace will give a certain comfort, especially during winter or spring. That is why, the television can be the best addition to the room with a fireplace. Let’s say for the living room.


The fireplace design is a modern one with a minimalist design. It is also clean and sleek. The TV installation is right above the fireplace for such a perfect pair. Fireplace and TV Installation from @homedecobyjulia

Adding Some Additional Facilities

The television is impossible to install in an empty room. To incorporate the television well with the room, you should provide some additional facilities so that the television can be used effectively. For example, you can add a cozy sofa, cushions, throw blankets, or rug.


The TV panel is completed with the sofa in such a warm texture that will give you extra comfort while watching the television. There is also a matching rug with a comfortable texture. Additional Facilities from @interjerostudija.lt

Adding the Art Deco Touches

Art Deco surprisingly can be matched with modern design. It is because Art Deco uses lines and geometric patterns to be its characteristic which is used also in modern design. The art deco can be presented in the form of art products or you can have it on the TV panel design and even the furniture near the television area.


The TV panel has an Art Deco touch with geometric patterns. The pattern is not only on the background of the television but also on the cabinet under the television. Art Deco Touch from @anand_raval_design

Avoiding Glare

It is really important to consider this one so that you can still watch the television without any annoying light from the sunlight. You can do it by installing the television in the right place. Don’t install it facing the window or any spot that becomes the way for the sunlight to enter the room.


The installation of the television is really great which is parallel to the natural light entering the room. The light is on the right and left side of the television which won’t create any glare to the television screen. Glare Avoiding Technique from @arqmbaptista

The Use of Wood Material

Even when you deal with the modern design, it doesn’t mean that you can’t use the wood material. We even recommend it here to create such a good balance in the decoration. The wood material will give a certain calming feeling to the room around the straight and rigid impression of the modern design you have in the room.


The brown wood material is installed as the background of the TV panel. It is then combined with the white color material to create a balance. The combination is really great to make the TV panel stay modern but warm. Additional Wood Material from @op.interiors

Installing Lamp

What is meant by installing a lamp here is about adding the lamp to the TV panel area. It will be such a great addition that will make the television prettier. In this case, we recommend you install the lamp in an invisible spot where the light will be refracted from behind to create such a pretty effect.


The lamp is installed behind the background of the television. Look at how pretty the television looks like that will be an extra decoration for the lamp. The panel is simple but the lamp can increase its performance. Lamp Idea from @attikocasa

Now that you already know the ideas for incorporating the television into the modern room, are you ready to implement the ideas in your decoration?

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