12 elements of mediterranean home you should know

If you want to start building a new house or have a plan to remodel your house, the Mediterranean house is really recommended. It is a timeless home design that will never be out of style. The impression of the design is also warm and welcoming which will be surely proper for home living. Another interesting thing about the Mediterranian home is that even when it has natural touches with a warm atmosphere, it will also be elegant at the same time. No need to worry that the house will be seen as too traditional and not stylish. For you who love something elegant and expensive, a Mediterranian home can surely fulfill your needs.

To let you have more interest in Mediterranian home design, you should know well the characteristics of the Mediterranian style. It will be really interesting as it will serve you with a comfortable home and proper aesthetic design.

Characteristics of Mediterranian Home

1. Timeless look

The timeless look is that the house will have a design that will always be proper no matter what the trend is going on. The elements and items provided will support the design to be timeless. That is why if you don’t want to do the redecoration again and again, the Mediterranian home is the solution for you.

2. The kitchen is the main hub

Commonly, the kitchen is the heart of the house where good food is made. For the Mediterranian home, the kitchen is on another level where it is the main hub of the house. That is why, you should take your concern for the kitchen when decorating the house. Add the personality in the kitchen by giving a unique character there.

3. Elegant in Simplicity

When you think that elegance should stand out and rousing, then you should see it in the Mediterranian home style. You can see the elegance in simplicity. You don’t need to implement many shining or blinking items. In this case, since the decoration is simple, then by providing small things can be enough to create an elegant impression.

4. Indoor and Outdoor Living Focus

Mediterranian homes appreciate the outdoor space really well. It won’t be only about the porch but also other rooms that are commonly provided indoors. Let’s say that you can have the dining table outside. Then, you can even install a TV outdoors to make it as if it is a living room, etc.

Elements You Should Provide in the House

After all of the explanations for the Mediterranian home characteristic, now you should know the elements of this design style. It will help you to create an authentic Mediterranian home design so that there won’t be any miss in the concept. Here there are:

Layering Accessories


Layering accessories provided in this living room are throw blankets, cushions, and rugs. The rugs are in different patterns and materials. Then, the cushions are in different sizes, colors, and patterns. Living Room Accessories from @mediterranean_home


There are layered throw blankets provided that are designed beautifully. Then, there are also some cushions in varied patterns and shapes to provide proper layering in the bedroom. Bedroom Accessories from @mediterranean_home

Warm Colors


This outdoor space has varied warm colors such as brown wood color. Then, you can see the beige color on the floor. The wall uses white color and the sofa is off-white. Such a perfect combination! Outdoor Warm Color Scheme from @mediterranean_home


This dining room has a warm color scheme with the wood color applied on the dining table and floor. Then, it is combined with white and charcoal color to balance the decoration. Dining Room Color Scheme from @mediterranean_home

Warm Textures


There are varied textures provided here. From the soft one to the rough one, both can bring a warm feeling to the room. The textures are also applied to almost every spot in the room. Varied Texture from @mediterranean_home


Look at the rug that has a different texture in one product. It is really interesting with the dimension created. Then, there is a soft throw blanket for the best comfort on the bed. Bedroom Texture from @mediterranean_home



The eclectic design here is created with a Scandinavian pendant which is combined with farmhouse wooded stools. You should also see the modern kitchen set design provided there. Eclectic Kitchen from @mediterranean_home


There are gold pendants for an elegant value combined with rustic stools to create an eclectic impression. The white color provided will also bring a simple impression to tone down the decoration. Eclectic Kitchen from @mediterranean_home



The pattern is more geometric and this Mediterranian brings modern style touches. You can see the pattern on the rug, cushions, and stools. The combination of the pattern is really great and balanced. Modern Mediterranian from @mediterranean_home


The patterns of this decoration are really warm. You can see the patterns on the cushions. Each of the cushions has a different pattern and color for the great variation. Warm Mediterranian from @mediterranean_home

Glass Door/Wall


The glass door is integrated with the wall that faces the balcony. The glass is framed with square details. It is then framed again to border the glass area on the wall. Glass Door and Wall from @mediterranean_home


The glass material is applied on the wall as the door and wall. It is then applied to the window and ceiling. The glass is framed in big rectangle details. Glass Window, Ceiling, and Door from @mediterranean_home

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