8 keys to create an aesthetic yet functional foyer decor

When the first impression of the exterior is the porch, then the first impression of the interior is the foyer. Well, it is true that we can’t judge a book by its cover but the first impression will always matter for a home decoration. That is why, no matter what it is, you should put your best effort into decorating your foyer so that it can be both aesthetic and functional.

Honestly, it is a bit tricky to decorate the foyer related of the space limitation. Even when decorating a small space means that there is only a small area that you should think of, the small space can be more difficult than the spacious one. It is because you should consider on things that you will provide there without making the room be seen as narrower and crowded. There will be many things to be considered from the size, design, color, and even the pattern. Remember that each type has its own character, so, you should be able to choose the right one for your small foyer area.

We have some ideas that you can follow to decorate your foyer to make it both aesthetic and functional. We will call it the keys that can give us a chance to get that kind of foyer. Here are the ideas for your inspiration.

Using Antiques

The antique is known for its ability to level up a decoration. It is because of its product impression that will have a high value. It becomes the reason why we recommend it for the foyer. In a small space that can’t be added with too many items, the antique will help you a lot. By simply providing one antique, you can beautify the foyer without making the room look crowded and full.


The antique is provided on the under-level of the console table. Look at how the antique can fill the blank space without making it look crowded and too much. Antiques from @welcomewinter_aman

Combining Old and New

Providing an eclectic decoration technique can help the space a lot to have its special and unique value. That is why it is recommended for a small space decoration. Imagine that without too many things that you apply to the space, it can be seen as aesthetic already.


The modern touch is on the shining silver console table then it is added with the classic white jar and silver candle holder. The eras are clearly contrasted and you can see how adorable the decoration of this foyer is. Old and New Design from @saltgrassdecor

Gallery Wall

For those who love photography, have some painting collections, or love to display their family picture, the wall gallery can be a great choice to beautify your foyer decoration. You won’t need space to display the pictures since it will be installed on the wall. What you need to do is adjust the arrangement and frames.


The wall gallery is installed right above the console table. The arrangement is really orderly with simple and harmonious frames colors and design. The simplicity of the frame plays a big role in not making the decoration crowded. Gallery Wall from @paintitprettyhome

Statement with Artwork

The artwork won’t be only about painting. The products can be really varied such as sculptures or weaving products. In this case, you can create a statement for your foyer decoration by providing artwork. It is great if you can provide more than one artwork but by simply having one artwork is already enough related to its space.


Basically, the artwork is really simple. It is in the form of a green stone in an abstract shape. So natural and has an aesthetic value for sure. Look at how a simple artwork can create a statement in your foyer. Artwork from @opulenceathome

Aesthetic Lighting

The lighting is basically provided for its function which is to light up the room. However, you can surely use it to beautify the decoration at once. It can be such an effective and efficient one that you can use the lighting for its function and get the additional utilization to give an aesthetic value to the foyer.


There are two different kinds of lighting that this foyer has which are the sconce and the chandelier. The sconce looks luxurious and aesthetic with the design and color choice. Then, the chandelier is unique and massive to create a statement to the room. Aesthetic Lighting from @nestingplaceinteriors

Wall Treatment

The wall treatment can be done in some ways. Let’s say that you can install a wallpaper for the simplest one. Then, you can also create a texture for the wall that can make a statement to the room. Even when you don’t want to put extra ornaments there, you can still get an aesthetic foyer from the textured wall.


This wall has a texture in lines that won’t make the wall be seen as overserving. It is then painted in a dark green color to give character to the wall. The combination between the texture and the color is really adorable. Textured Wall from @villamasters

Installing Big Mirror

A mirror is known for its ability to create a wider room space illusion. Especially when you have it in a big size. It will be the one that we recommend for you to install a big mirror in your foyer. If possible, you can also choose the aesthetic shape or frame for the mirror so that you can get extra functions from the mirror.


The mirror is not only big but also aesthetic. You can see it from the mirror cutting that created indentation. The frame is only thin but it has a gold color to make it stand out and impressive. Big Aesthetic Mirror from @blakeandemilyinteriors


Painting is one of the artwork products. You can use it to beautify your foyer effectively. To create a wider room space impression, you can simply hang one painting in a big size. It will also give you an extra benefit where the big size product will bring a luxurious impression. So, hanging a big-size painting can be one of your choices for your small foyer decor.


There is one big size painting hanging on the wall. The painting is abstract and uses white color as the background color which is calming and neutral and will fit well for the small space decoration. Painting from @caitlinstantonhome

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