8 high staircase decoration to elevate your home design

In a multilevel home, stairs will be an important part of the house that should be considered well. It is because the stairs will take its important rule to integrate between one to another level in the house. Also, if you can decorate the stairs well by applying the right treatment, then you can utilize the stirs to beautify the decoration without having too much effort to provide some ornaments. It is such an effective and efficient one for home decoration. For you who have a small home space, applying good treatment to the stairs will help you to save space in beautifying the house without any ornament which will only make the room space narrower.

There are some different stair designs available especially for the high stairs. It can be the straight up stairs, spiral stairs, winder stairs, curved stairs, L-shaped stairs, etc. Each of the stairs can be added with s certain treatments to beautify the decoration. The treatment will also be useful not make the stairs look boring. Especially when the stairs are high, you might get bored while stepping on the stairs. Here, the treatments will be functional to give you comfort and maintain your mood.

We have some interesting treatment recommendations for your high stairs that will surely be an effective one to beautify the stairs. From all of the ideas that we share, you can even apply more than one treatment in case you think that it is needed. Here are the ideas.

Adding Rug

The rug has many functions. The first one is of course for the style reason. The rug will have many designs that will be able to create the design style that you want such as Boho, classic, modern, etc. Then, the rug will also help you to maintain the stairs to stay warm and not slippery.


The rug is in yellow for a pop of color aspect. Then, it is added with patterns to bring a more aesthetic look to the stairs. The rug design fits well with the white simple stairs. Stair Rug from @akindofhome

Installing Garland

Commonly, the garland is installed on the stairs during a certain season or celebration such as winter or Christmas by using the evergreen. However, it will always be proper to use the garland to beautify the stair’s decoration no matter what season or celebration is going on. You can choose the design and material based on your taste.


The garland is made of evergreen and pinecones that will never be out of style. It also has a good color which is green for the fresh and warm atmosphere. Stair Garland from @styletheclutter

Slender Railing

The slender railing can be a good thing that you can use to beautify the decoration. It won’t only be a slender railing in case you install the aesthetic one. It is great how there will be many choices for the slender railing as you can even choose the one based on the design style you want to apply.


The slender railing here uses wood and metal materials with great cuts and designs that make it aesthetic for sure. The metal material is in gold color to bring a luxurious impression which is combined with the brown wood material for a warm feeling. Slender Railing from @portal.92

Painting Display

A painting display will be installed on the wall where the stairs stick there. This is the common way to beautify the decoration in the stairs area. It is really interesting so that you can always look at the great artworks while stepping on the stairs that will make your boredom go away. Also, if the paintings that you display are your collection that you really love, then it will be even greater.


The painting is in portrait that shows many figures. The style of the paintings is classic and looks valuable. Even the frames are varied to add the aesthetic side of the decoration. Painting Display from @boazinyo

Family Picture

If you are confused about finding the spot to display your family picture, then the stairs wall can be a great one. There will be an empty space that needs to be decorated. By walking on the stairs while looking at the family pictures will bring you a nostalgic feeling.


There are some family pictures displayed on the stair wall with different periods of time. Some of the frame designs are classic and retro which really match the picture being displayed that shows the old era. Family Picture Decoration from @theladyandthelads


If you want a massive decor but simple to do, then you can simply apply the wallpaper. It is installed on the stair wall that sticks together with the stairs. It means that you only apply the wallpaper to the parts that are still integrated into the stairs. Additionally, the wallpaper will also be cheap enough.


The wallpaper has white as the background color. It is then added with a floral pattern in grey color. Both white and grey are neutral colors that can be harmonious. It makes the wallpaper pretty without being overserving. Wallpaper Decor from @jenniferbeekhunter

LED Lighting

The LED lighting can be installed in the hiding space on the stairs or you can have it in an exposed space but still able to create the illusion that you want. You should see how the lighting can have such a big impact on the decoration and the stair performance. Even without any color, pattern, or ornament on the stair area, you can get an aesthetic stair design.


The LED is installed on the stair wall where each of the steps has its own LED. The LED is round and small in size but still, the LED can create a lighting illusion that is aesthetic and adorable. LED Lighting from @godelas2024

Unique Tile Design

If you want the permanent one and don’t think of the redecoration project, then you can beautify your stairs by installing the pretty tile design. In this case, you just need to do the treatment once which is efficient. But, remember that you can’t regret it because someday if you want to change the pattern of the tile, you have to do a massive project.


The tile pattern is in black color with a marble design. That will be a smart choice because the color and pattern are timeless ones so you don’t need to worry about being out of style. Unique Tile Design from @ghazalawy_designs

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