10 best arrangement you can do for your small kitchen space

No need to worry if you have only a small space in your kitchen. It can be even an efficient one. What you need to do is find the right decoration concept for the kitchen and decide to provide the important items only to facilitate you while doing the activity in the kitchen.

Talking about the decoration concept, of course, minimalism is the best one. But, it doesn’t mean that you can’t add other decoration style touches. That will be really possible so that for you who don’t like the minimalist decor concept, you can still express your own taste. For example, around the minimalism that you have in the kitchen, you can add a Bohemian touch by applying the patterned Boho tiles.

Anyway, from all of the things you’ll apply to your small kitchen, there are some considerations/ideas that you should follow. Those ideas will save your kitchen not to being crowded and having a narrow impression with the wrong treatments. Here are the basic considerations you should follow in decorating your small kitchen space so that it can be proper enough for you.

Mirrored Cabinetry

Mirrored cabinetry is the kitchen cabinet with mirror material on the cover or door. It will be functional to create an illusion if there is no cabinet there so that the room can be seen as more spacious.


The cabinet has doors in mirror material. You can see the illusion created there and the impression that the cabinet area is not seen as too full. Mirrored Cabinetry from @occo_global

Open Shelves

Open shelves can make a wider sight so that it can make a spacious impression. Open shelves are shelves that don’t have any doors. For this, you should be able to arrange the items that you provide there well. You can’t make it look crowded or messy because it will be exposed. Be careful because the wrong arrangement will give a bad impression impact.


Even when the shelves are full with items stored there, the kitchen isn’t seen as too full at all. This is because there are still many spaces left around the shelves. Open Shelves from @threefourfivefurniture

Glass Wall

The glass wall can be integrated into the big windows or doors. The glass wall will be functional to let you see the other rooms’ space or the outdoors. If that happens, you will make it as if there is no border in the kitchen for a spacious room effect.


The glass wall is not only installed for the spot that is integrated with the outdoor area but it is also installed as the room divider with other rooms inside the house. Glass Wall from @michaelsshome

Mirror Illusion

When we have the cabinetry mirror before, then now we can have the real mirror in the kitchen. It is really simple since you just have to install the mirror in the kitchen. If it is possible, we recommend you install the big one because that will have a big impact rather than the small one.


Not only to beautify the decoration, here the mirror is installed to the backsplash. It is great that you can have such a wide area for the mirror so that it can work effectively. Mirror Illusion from @pro_mirror

Smart Storage

Smart storage is the storage that is installed in a hiding spot or by utilizing a possible spot that is not common to be installed with the storage. It will be an effective and efficient one. Let’s say, you can add a rack on your door storage. You can use the additional rack to store the appliances or spices.


This smart storage is installed on the kitchen cabinet. There is an additional hanging rack on the cabinet door that can make an effective and efficient storage. Smart Storage from @kinsmangroup

Bright Color Scheme

Rather than choosing dark bold colors, we recommend you have a bright color scheme. It will help you bring a fun and bright impression to the room that works really well for the small kitchen space. The bright color will also increase your mood and help you deal with the boring narrow space.


White is the color that is used in this kitchen. Look at the effect of the color created in this kitchen. The color makes the room look brighter and wider. It is combined with grey and brown color not to make the decoration look boring. Bright Color Scheme from @av.home

Minimum Ornament

As we have said before we recommend you to provide only things that you really need. So, you should minimize the ornament for your small kitchen space. It doesn’t mean that you can’t have the ornament, you just have to manage the ornament so that it won’t be too much and make the kitchen look crowded.


Look at this kitchen! The decoration is really minimalist where there is only one framed quote on the countertop. Then, there is a pot of greenery and a vase of dried plants. With all of the minimalism being applied, the decoration is still really aesthetic. Minimum Ornament Decor from @comfydecors


It is true that the patterns are not too recommended for small space decoration. But here, we recommend the patterns to minimize the existence of the ornament. It will be a smart way to beautify the decoration without putting any ornament in the room. Here, you should adjust the color so that the pattern won’t be too stand out and make the room look narrow.


The patterns are in the backsplash, kitchen island, and floor. You can see how the patterns can make the decoration aesthetic and pretty. Even when the decoration around is simple, the patterns succeed in making the kitchen not boring at all. Patterns from @south_coast_home


The greenery is another solution for you to beautify the decoration without any ornament. Besides, the greenery will also bring such a great ambiance into the room. The kitchen will be fresh and welcoming for sure. You can choose the greenery with low maintenance and easy to grow.


The greenery is provided in varied ways. The kinds of greeneries are also different so that the decoration won’t be boring. It is then added with a vase of sunflower for a pop of color. Greenery from @interiors.and.diys

Wide Kitchen Island Table Surface

The wide kitchen island table surface is surprisingly functional. It will let you hide the stools under the table so that you can save space and make the stools invisible for more efficient space usage. Additionally, the wide table surface can allow you to use the space under the table to be a storage.


The kitchen island is wide with adjusted space under the table to make it possible to hide the chairs. The color is also bright not to make the kitchen look full. Wide Kitchen Island Table Surface from @abruzzokb

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