12 effective decorations for pretty yet functional entry table

If you want to create a proper first home impression, then the entryway is the best spot that you can deal with. There are some points that you should consider when decorating the entryway but the main thing when talking about the entryway is the entry table. All of the attention will be first in the entry table. That is why, you should make your best effort in decorating the entry table.

Basically, the entry table is not the table that is specially provided for its real function. It is just a decorative one to put some items that can beautify the entryway decoration. The kind of table that is commonly used for the entry table is the console table. It is not that big and commonly in a rectangular shape. Anyway, since the table is supposed to be a decorative one, it will be so much better if you can provide an aesthetic console table with a special design.

In decorating the entry table, there are some items that you can provide from the decorative ones to the functional ones. An example of a functional item is the lighting such as candles. The candles can make the atmosphere of the entryway to be magical. Also, you can use the lighting to light up the entryway area during the night. There are still some other items that you provide to the entry table to make it pretty as follows.

Providing ArtWorks

Artworks are things that can enhance a decoration impression to be more valuable effectively. even when you only provide one artwork, it will always be able to bring such a big impact. Anyway, what is meant by the artwork here is really varied. It is not only about the painting but also the statue, jar, and any other artistic creations.


The jar is positioned in a sloping position to make it look more aesthetic. It is designed in a white background color and black line pattern. The jar design is really harmonious with the table design that is created in a unique design. Jar from @noirfurniture


From the color and the pattern, we can see that this jar comes from an old century. The design characterizes China culture. The impression of the jar makes it even more valuable. China Jar from @domesticprovisions


There is a black dog statue on the table. You can see that even when there is only one small statue it can have a big impact on the table impression. The statue can even become a statement for the entry table decoration. Statue from @fromhousetohomediy

A Vase of Flowers or Dried Ones

This one is a thing that can’t be left out. A vase is such a must for an entry table. You can put anything on the vase based on your taste and the decoration impression that you want. From all of the possibilities, the most common things to be put in the vase are the flowers and dried flowers or twigs. Here are the references to let you know the different impressions between those two things.


Pampas is people’s favorite when talking about dried plants. Pampas has a warm and aesthetic impression that will be great to be added to any decoration. Pampas from @honeysucklehill2022


Having the dried ones does not mean that the color will always be brown. This one is an example of the dried foliage with its green color. The impression will be fresh and it will stay longer and durable. Dried Foliage from @kpdesignsinteriors


Although the fresh flowers won’t stay longer than the dried ones, it always be great to have the fresh flowers for the vase. It can be any kind of flower. You can adjust the colors based on the decoration concept that you want. Fresh Flowers from @passiondecorbymono

Providing Potted Plants

If it is possible, potted plants will always be great for your entry table. You can grow plants that are easy to grow, easy to maintain, and durable enough to live in any weather and conditions. It can be such a fun and exciting experience to grow real plants on your entry table. Here are examples of the possible plants that you can grow in the entryway.


Sansevieria or snake plant is the most common plant to grow inside the house. It can live without any sunlight and can grow well even when you don’t water it daily. Snake Plant from @thebradfordhouse


This plant has an interesting pattern and color as it looks like a snakeskin. It is quite the same as the sanevieria but it more colored version. The plant was then added with a rattan bowl to make it more aesthetic. Decorative Potted Plant from @furniturelandsouth


This plant is a kind of tuber plant that has pretty flowers. The plant grows in a gold bowl with old old-century design which is really valuable and unique. The classic impression of the bowl/planter is really harmonious with the painting on the wall. Tuber Plant from @tuftandtrim

Putting the Lighting

Lighting can be really functional for an entry table decoration. It can be used not only to light up the area but also to beautify the decoration. There are some kinds of lighting that you can choose (of course, the ones that can be put on the table) from table lamps, lanterns, string lights, and candles). The design will also be really varied as you can choose the most aesthetic one based on your taste and the decoration style concept you want to build.


The table lamp has a luxurious impression with a crystal holder that can reflect the light. The lampshade is made to be simple so that the table lamp won’t be seen as too much. The design has a harmonious impression! Table Lamp from @whitetail.acres.ranch


The lantern will give a special impression. It will be magical, calming, and aesthetic. As you commonly know the lantern is hung or put on the floor, then here we have the lantern that is put on the table. Lanterns from @suzannemillerrealtor


The candles are being used in many decoration needs. It looks pretty and romantic when used to decorate the entry table as you can see on this image. There are varied kinds of candles that you can choose from as you can pick the one that you love the most. Candles from @myhomeinlittlesquares


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