9 firepit design choices for your cozy backyard

Spending your time in the backyard can be a free healer for you. You just have to sit there and enjoy the fresh greenery in your backyard to release your tired body and mind after a tiring day. However, we get some troubles related to the weather, sometimes. It makes us not feel comfortable when the weather is too cold. Here, we need the firepit to warm up the body and make it possible to keep enjoying the backyard even when the weather is cold.

Basically, the function of the firepit is the same as the fireplace. But, the firepit is commonly installed indoors, then the firepit is installed outdoors. The firepit is chosen because of its fire impression which looks like a torch that will be really fun to be set outdoors while enjoying the good scenery, weather, and a cup of coffee or tea. So, for the backyard, we recommend you install the firepit rather than the fireplace.

Before installing the firepit, of course, you should think of which firepit design you want. It will be related to the backyard decoration concept you want to create. The good thing is that there are so many different firepit designs that your choices can be varied and unlimited. The kinds of firepits will be based on the materials, impression, and design style. Here we already classified the different kinds of firepits that you can choose as the reference. Get the ideas now!

Farmhouse/Rustic Design

It can be said that the farmhouse or rustic design is the most common design that people use for their outdoor firepits. It is because for a firepit, the farmhouse or rustic design will be the timeless one. No matter what decoration concept you apply to the backyard, those two styles will always be proper. Also, you don’t need to be afraid to become out of style because of the timeless factor.

Stone Firepit


The firepit is made of stone that is formed into a rectangular shape without losing its natural texture. The texture and color are the keys to this firepit to keep its farmhouse or rustic impression. Stone Firepit from @americanfireglass

Red Brick Firepit


There will be varied colors of the brick, but the red brick will be able to create a certain beauty from its color. Also, it won’t make the design look boring. The red brick will just need to be arranged in any shape where in this case, the shape is round. Red Brick Firepit from @bennysfirepits

Iron Bowl Firepit


The iron is in a rusty color which makes it have a strong rustic impression. The shape is round and looks like a big bowl. For this firepit, you have to be careful because the bowl will be really hot. Iron Bowl Firepit from @morningtonturfing

Collapsible Firepit


Just like its name, this firepit is collapsible. It is also removable so that you can move it in any spot that you want. In case the weather is bad, you can keep it inside to make it more durable. This kind of firepit is a kind of rustic firepit which is designed in a rusty color. Collapsible Firepit from @thepacapit

Modern Firepit

The modern firepit will be the efficient one where it is commonly smokeless. Also, the design will be simple and futuristic, sometime. There will be minimum details and the color is neutral such as black, grey, or white. The modern firepit will also be clean because of the fuel being used.

Concrete Bowl Firepit


The firepit is made of concrete that is made in a round shape without any details. You can see the sleek surface of this firepit. It doesn’t have pattern and texture which is minimalist and great for the modern firepit choice. Concrete Bowl Firepit from @bacqyard.design

Smokeless Firepit


This firepit uses a technology that makes it smokeless. There will be a circulation to minimize the smoke. You can see the material that will be durable and proper for the heat. Be careful not to touch it because it might be hot. Smokeless Firepit from @charlesandhudson

Aluminum Firepit


In a dark grey color, this firepit is really great for a modern firepit. It is also simple and minimalist without any texture and pattern. Even the surface of the firepit looks sleek and clean. Perfect for a modern firepit. Aluminum Firepit from @outdoorelementsdesign

Aesthetic Firepit

Some people need something maximalist rather than minimalist. Is it possible to have a festive firepit? The answer is yes! You can have the aesthetic firepit if you think that the common firepit designs are too boring. You can even have patterns and unique shapes that will be rare and aesthetic for sure!

Patterned Firepit


Look at this firepit! It looks really interesting. It has a pattern that makes this firepit aesthetic and not boring at all. You can use it if you want to create a Boho decoration or in case you just simply need something eye-catching in your backyard. Patterned Firepit from @isabirddesign

Small Standing Firepit


This firepit even looks like a torch. The design is unique with the indentation but still sleek and simple. The simplicity of the color combined with the unique shape makes it have a great balance not to be seen as too much. Small Standing Firepit from @theoutdoorplusco

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