10 flooring ideas to make your house aesthetic and practical

The floor is a part of the interior that can have a big impact on the house. Even when the floor won’t be considered well related to its treatment, we recommend you give your effort in dealing with the floor because it can beautify your home decoration impression for sure. Especially for you who a small home space, the floor will help you to enhance your house value without adding too many things to the house. However, you should be ready to install the best flooring for your house.

Basically, there are so many choices for the flooring that can be divided from the material used and the performance impression. Well, the material here can have an impact not only on the style impression such as wood will give your house a farmhouse impression. But, the material can also increase your house value. For example, the marble material has a high value that will make your house look luxurious. Anyway, the flooring will also take you to the patterns that will offer you some interesting impressions. You can even have the Boho style impression by using the right floor pattern.

As we have said before the choice of the floor is really varied. But, of course, there are still some popular choices of that. The popular flooring choices can be because of their timeless characteristics or because of their value which makes people love to use them for their houses. We want you to know 5 flooring choices that become the most popular ones these days. Here there are.

Wood Flooring

Wooden flooring is the timeless one. It is because the style impression that sticks to this material is also timeless which are the farmhouse and the rustic. Wood flooring can be really interesting because of its warm and welcoming impression. It won’t be seen as luxurious but has a high value with its ability to build a good atmosphere inside the house. If you want a calm and simple home atmosphere, you can use this wooden floor for your house. No need to worry if it will be boring because it can have different colors and wood patterns to increase its aesthetic side.


This floor has its natural wood color without any color treatment. It is great so that you can the natural ambiance inside the house well. You can also see that the pattern exists on the wood with a random and natural design. Natural Wood Color from @mattbritton.ie


If you want a certain additional impression on the wood floor, you can see this floor where it is added with black color. It reflects the strength and masculine impression. It is also great if you want to create a modern impression on your wooden floor. Black Color Treatment Floor from @devolkitchens


Tiles have varied shapes, colors, and patterns that make them still a popular choice to this day. The interesting about the tiles is that you can manage the arrangement of the tiles to achieve the design that you want. The tiles can be flexibly installed just based on your imagination. For the patterned tiles, you can even arrange and match the patterns to get the aesthetic one.


It can be said that the herringbone arrangement is really popular. This is because the pattern created is unique and quite easy for the arrangement process. For the herringbone arrangement, we recommend you use the rectangular tile shapes just like what we have here. Herringbone Arrangement from @ariascarpetone


The geometric tile is also looked for by people who need something aesthetic but won’t be too difficult to get. The geometric shape will help you get the aesthetic side of the floor because of its unique shape choices. This one is the hexagonal tile shape or we can call it honeycomb tile. Hexagonal Tiles from @ourdailytribe


For those who love something luxurious, the marble tile becomes the number one choice that people mostly take. Marble tiles have a different appearance. Sometimes, the lines of the pattern are complicated and sometimes are rare. There will also be some choices of the marble colors but commonly, it comes in black and white. Here are examples of the marble in different designs and impressions.


Here, the marble is in white for the background. Then, it has a grey pattern color that comes in random lines. The pattern is simple and it doesn’t have too many lines. Simple Marble Design from @tilemountainuk


The marble is in brown color which is really earthy. Not only luxurious but you can also get the warmth of nature with the brown earthy color. This marble is a kind of festive one because of the patterns that are applied in a wide portion. Brown Festive Marble from @slf24_sofas


Parquet is a forever favorite. It is the timeless flooring that people love to have. Just like the tiles, you can get varied arrangements to create patterns with the parquet. You can have the herringbone, basket weave, subway, stack bone, etc.


This kind of parquet arrangement that creates a basket weave pattern has a pretty detail. For this kind of arrangement, you should be careful in putting the furniture or ornament because the floor is already festive. We recommend you choose the simple furniture design and minimize the existence of floor ornament so as not to make the decoration be seen as overserving. Basket Weave from @allaboutparquet


Look at how you can also create a herringbone pattern by using the parquet. The look will be adorable and sturdy but cheaper for sure. Parquet is the smart way to get the on-budget flooring. Herringbone Arrangement from @flooring4youltd

Curvy Flooring

The curve here can be created by providing a curvy pattern for the flooring. It can be from any materials but the point is that on the curve that the material can bring. The curvy flooring will be great for those who don’t like something simple. If you are the kind of person who loves patterns, colors, and dimensions, then curvy flooring is the best choice for you.


This floor uses tiles with flower patterns when arranged in the right way. The curvy flooring is created from the flower pattern there. The pattern is festive but the colors are not so that the design impression isn’t seen as overserving at all. Curvy Flower Floor from @undonehome


Mosaic won’t always have a random pattern. You can also arrange it to create a certain pattern that you want. You can see on the flooring that we have here where the mosaic is arranged to create a curvy pattern. Mosaic Tiles from @alethachampine

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