9 colors collection that will be trend for home designs in 2024 (1)

In 2024, the colors that will be a statement in 2024 is the softened color. By applying those softened colors, you can get comfort and feel renewed from your old color palette. The 2024 colors can be dependable to give your house a familiar feeling and personal look. In case you want to apply the 2024 colors to your house, you might need to leave your will of a bright stand-out color because that won’t be the members of the 2024 colors trend.

Will it still be possible to have a maximalist house by using the 2024 colors trend? Yes! The color will be varied so that you can do the color layering without feeling bored. However, what you need to be concerned about is that the colors will be the ones that are being softened so that you won’t get the bold stand-out colors.

I do believe that you must be wondering about the color trend in 2024. Here we will explain to you and give the references of the application in the house.

Persimmon Color

The persimmon color basically the terracotta color that is infused with the tangerine tones. The color will be sweet since the combination makes this color warmer than the tangerine but softer than the terracotta. Such a perfect blend! This color is also mentioned as the earthy origin color that is pulled from the ground. But again, in a softer version.


The persimmon color is applied to the kitchen cabinets which are located under the countertop and beside the countertop. The application feels enough since there is a tall vertical cabinet that is applied with the color so that the implementation is proper and able to represent the color trend. Persimmon Color from @mo.and.the.jungle.shelf

Cocoon Color

This one is a relaxing color. It is the combination of the utaupeia, pearly white, and cyberspace colors. This color will be a warm version of the color that can be chosen for the 2024 color scheme. If you want to create a calming and welcoming home atmosphere, the cocoon can be the unique choice rather than the common neutral colors.


The bedroom is designed with the cocoon color implementation. There is even a part of the wall that is applied with the patterned cocoon color. The pattern is abstract but able to create dimension for the best interior design. Cocoon Color from @architects_need

Mid-Green Color

It will be an earthy color delight version but in a softer tone. You can feel like you are surrounded by dark wood but in a calming atmosphere. The color won’t be dark but not bright too. The point is that it will be a peaceful and friendly color that gives you a peaceful feeling. This color is really recommended!


Look at how this kitchen really feels like home with the mid-green color being applied in all of the kitchen cabinet parts. It is then combined with the white color to let the mid-green color play its role without looking overserving. Mid-Green Color from @beckiowens

Blue Nova Color

This color is a combination of warm and cool ambiance that will be great when applied to your home. It is the mid-tone of blue that surprisingly becomes an interesting color tone of blue. It won’t be bright and it won’t be dark too. The color is unique and addicting and makes it captivating in a matte color finish.


It is amazing how the blue nova color is applied in almost all parts of the decoration but doesn’t make the decoration seen as overserving at all. It even makes the room feel warm and magical. This kind of color is perfect for a bedroom with all of the ambiance created. Blue Nova Color from @thenordroom

Bay Brown Color

It can be said that the bay brown color is the quiet color. On the other side, it is luxurious at the same time. This color is the fertile soil color and becomes the most authentic hue that comes from nature. Additionally, this color is uniquely classic and has a strong characteristic to enhance the decoration of your house.


Look at how the bay brown color can give you an experience as if you are in a wood forest. The color has a strong characteristic, looks sturdy, and warm at the same time. This one is the best brown color tone which has become a trend this 2024. Bay Brown Color from @merit_la

Peach Fuzz Color

If you need a little bit of fun, the peach fuzz color is the only choice you can take for this 2024 color trend. The color will be fresh and impressive. If you are not a warm and calm kind of person, then you can move to this peach fuzz color that will offer you a cheerful version of color. Anyway, just like what we have mentioned before the 2024 color trend will be the colors that come in a softened version, the peach fuzz color won’t be that stand out. It is softened so that the color impression will be calmer than the common peach tone.


You can see how the peach color can have a soft version that won’t be too bright. This one is what we call peach fuzz color. It looks fun and cheerful but in a soft way. Peach Fuzz Color from @sweetpeachouse

Airy Blue Color

This one is the sky color that has a hint of grey. The color is really soft and peaceful. If you love something easy, this airy blue color is the most recommended one. Commonly, this color is applied to the Scandinavian home in a slow-living style version. You can also have it for your coastal home. This color can be a calming color that becomes a contrast in this busy life.


You can spend in this peaceful bathroom with the soft airy blue color scheme in such a long time without even realizing it. This color is such a perfect one to be applied to the bathroom. You can also see the natural lighting provided there that makes the color enhance its performance. Airy Blue Color from @homemilk

Skipping Stone Color

This color has the same impression as the blue nova color which creates a warm and cool impression at the same time. However, the skipping stone color takes the color cues from the sky. It is quite different with the blue nova color where this color takes the color cues from the sea. The color will be a little bit white but in a darker version and in a warmer impression.


The skipping stone color gives you a chance to have a clean white color but in a warmer version. It won’t make the color be seen as shabby but still have a clean impression. Skipping Stone Color from @katiepeacock__

Charcoal Color

If you love something black, the charcoal color can be the choice. It is the unique version of black color that will let you get your favorite color but in a more unique version. This charcoal color also has a different finish than the common black color which will make it look more aesthetic and not boring.


Even when it uses the black color, the decoration impression of this room is not gloomy at all. It is because the charcoal tone gives a chance for the black color to be more friendly and easier. Charcoal Color from @purplecherryarchitects

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