Serene girly apartment decor 10 tips you can do

With the launch of the Barbie movie, the theme of a girly decoration become a favorite one these days. However, in case you live with your family, implementing the girly Barbie touches into the decoration might be impossible because not all of the family members will love it too. In this case, the girly decoration can fit well for you who live alone in your apartment or dorm and here, we can’t wait to share how you can create girly decoration touches in your apartment.

Decorating the apartment in a girly style doesn’t mean that you should apply the pink color in all parts of the room. Well, the pink color is indeed the authentic one to create a girly impression, but there are still many things that you can use. For the simple one, you can have a rainbow color or you can have peach, purple, or yellow. For the items that are possible to be added with the girly touches, you can have in surely all aspects of the interior design and decoration. Let’s say that you can have it for your wall, ceiling, furniture, ornament, and home accessories.

If you want to have a proper girly apartment design, you should be able to create a balance so that the girly touches won’t be seen as overserving. For example, if you already apply the color bright in the room massively, you should balance the color with another low-tone color such as white, ivory, light brown, beige, etc. That will be important so that the decoration can be placed in the best balance and you can feel comfortable while inside your apartment.

Here are the ideas about implementing the girly touches to your apartment decoration.

Interior Parts Implementation

The interior parts will cover the wall, ceiling, and floor. It will be the first basic thing on the decoration. It can also be said that the interior parts are something that will stay longer in the room than the ornament and any other small items provided. For the interior, since it will be in a wide portion you may use color combinations to make the look not overserving.


A girly decoration can also be added with a masculine color such as black. It can be used to create such a strong character for your girly atmosphere. The pink color tone choice here is great that won’t make it hit by the black color. Bold Pink Wall from @mz_glamma


Peach color with its sweet look can be used for your girly apartment decoration. The color is soft so that it won’t make the room decoration be seen as overserving. Peach Color Decoration from @qanvast


You can also use the floral or plant theme to create a girly apartment. You can see it here where the wall behind the headboard can be seen fresh and sweet for your girly apartment. Wallpaper from @prachikhasgiwala

Furniture Implementation

There will be varied color choices for the furniture including for the feminine colors. You can have it on the sofa, stools, bed frame, vanity, etc. The furniture is something a must for decoration as your apartment won’t function well without any furniture. That thing becomes a reason why the furniture should be added with the girly touches because it is an important part of your apartment.


The sofa is in soft pink. The pink color shade choice can create a calming yet fun atmosphere in the room. The sofa color matches the rug color. You should also see how the shining silver cushions match really well with the sofa. Pink Sofa from @interioreccentric


The cabinet is in purple. Look at how the purple color can also be seen as sweet. You can have it for your girly apartment. Anyway, when the purple color looks too much to be applied to many parts of your home, then you can have it in small portions in your apartment just like what we have here. Purple Cabinet from @honeyidressedthepug

Home Accessories Implementation

There will be some kinds of home accessories that you can provide. In case you are a person who will be bored soon and like to redecorate your apartment again and again, then implementing the girly style on home accessories can be a solution. It is something that you can change periodically. The home accessories will consist of a rug, curtain, cushion, lampshade, etc.


Home accessories provided here are the throw blanket, cushions, and table runner. Here, the table runner is in white color but furry which makes it has a girly characteristic. Pink Home Accessories from @moonstruck28


The curtain is in pink color with a strong color characteristic that makes it able to be the stand-out item in the room. With this kind of color, you won’t need any detail or pattern because the color is already adorable. Pink Curtain from @thebespoke_interiors


Snapinsta.app_423211681_759125532282764_2368288216687401604_n_1080 (1)

This living room has varied home accessories but is set to have the same tone for almost all items. Some of them have patterns so as not to make the design boring. Girly Living Room Apartment from @home_n_tidy_with_heidi_

Ornament Implementation

The ornament is the most common thing for beautifying the decoration. It can also be a cheap one since you can adjust your choices based on your budget. The kinds of ornament are really varied so that your choice will be surely unlimited. Also, if you don’t want to have massive girly touches, then having the ornament is the best one you can do.

Snapinsta.app_190135326_202086328413755_8896161975825294521_n_1080 (1)

This bedroom uses peach as the color scheme that is applied including for the ornament. There is a ceiling ornament that looks like a blooming flower. So pretty and unique! Then, there are some ornaments stored in the rack and some wall-framed pictures.  Peach Ornament Color from

This kind of ornament can effectively create a girly impression. As you can see the ornaments are in pink color.

This kind of ornament can effectively create a girly impression. As you can see the ornaments are in pink color. Then, there are some butterflies that can represent girly characteristics really well. Pink Egg and Floral Ornament from @mackenziechilds

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